Due to the 3-man-rule, David Marcus and Capital’s elimination also meant elimination for Team Canada (from the team competition only) – as you can see, it was pouring during David’s ride

In my desire to find out all the details on rules and regs, I went to find out how Olympic Dressage GP and GPS  will all work.  Since this year there are so many changes to Team and Individual Medals in Dressage, it seems a bit confusing as to who will do what next.

7 teams will be going on to the Grand Prix Special trying to win medals along with 11 individuals.  That leaves 3 teams who will not advance.

If a team is ineligible for ranking due to the loss of one or two of the riders, the remaining rider(s) who completed the GP, will have a status change from Team Member to Individual. Therefore being eligible to continue on to the GPS and possibly the Freestyle. 

If for some reason one of the 7 teams are not able to move on for any reason, those 3 spots will be given to Individuals –  up to a max of 5 more individuals.

Meaning the GPS will have 21 team riders plus 11 Individuals, or possibly less team members and a few more individuals.  Of these 30 something riders the top 15 will move on to the freestyle.

Also in the document, are the details on the order of draw for the ride times.  Wee bit more confusing, but in a nutshell it looks like the draws will be made in 4 groups for the GPS.  Of course having the top teams in the last groups.

All make sense now???  Clear as mud right?!?