If you’ve been following my posts, you know that I’ve been riding just over a year now. My wonderfully quiet Thoroughbred, Carter, and I have taken the reins and we’re progressing into Training Level dressage. Everything is going as it should be.

However, I have found myself in unexpected flying lesson situations (aka falling off the horse) twice in two months. Luck has it, we have a show this weekend… and I need your help!

Yes, I know I need to learn to get him “on the bit”; need to read his patterns, feel his movements and that falling off is inevitable, all of that takes years of riding experience. Anyone have any secrets for a newbie adult rider?

My trainer says more inside leg, inside rein… ok got it. Got that after my most recent fall – two days ago which left me with a bruise the size of Texas (thankfully, that’s it). This last time I was mid-post so inside rein, inside leg didn’t quite work out. He spooked at who knows what… maybe a rain drop…and, no he’s not a very spooky TB; instantly all four legs jumped 12” to the left and me…well, I remained mid-post 12” to the right (picture when you were a kid and your brother pulled the chair from behind you) I went to sit down and ended up 15.3 hands downward with sand in places I’d rather not mention.

I’d like to ask my fellow Horse Junkies… what’s your secret to staying on? Velcro? Sticky breeches? Leg on, rein on? Hours and hours in the saddle? Yes, I have heard 10 falls before you’re a real rider and I’ve heard it’s 10x that times for jumpers (brave souls!).