“Yay, cool dressage shows!” ~ Vinny

Our main goal this year for our horse shows was to put on some fun, yet competitive horse shows in the Lower Mainland in British Columbia.  We were hoping for some sponsorship to help with prizes and we stuck our neck out and added some free – yet fun and challenging for the A type Dressage rider – classes like Dressage Trail and Dressage Relay Race.

And wow, I am excited and thankful so many people have come forward to support and sponsor our shows.  At first, fall 2011, this seemed like an uphill battle to try and change the horse shows – something that only seemed to work in one way with little options.  And through the winter to spring 2012, Arista Equestrian came forward and sponsored a series for amateur riders in BC.  Then a sponsor (who would like to be anonymous) came forward to sponsor a BC wide year end award at ALL levels for amateurs.  And since then it has been an avalanche of support and sponsors.

Thank you to all of you:

Ecogold, Greenhawk Vancouver, Arista Equestrian, The Saddle Dr & Leslie McGill, Ecolicious, Blue Heron Farms, Nexus Investment Corp, Sandra Verda, Marianne Stewart, BC Cadora, Diana Dusevic, Kelly Hambleton & Richmond Stables.  Thank you to all the silent auction supports and Derek Huget for pulling it all together.  Thank you to Cheryl Dewson, MCL Motor Cars for their continued support for all the activities and events at Southlands Riding Club!

Details of all the very cool and interesting things we did with prize money I will post soon.  But we have almost $1000 in prize money!  YES Prize Money in DRESSAGE!!!

I am still in the honeymoon phase of this year, but I am starting to have a wee panic attack on how are we going to do this all again next year!?