Getting out and exploring

I realized a few days ago, that the last several months have been spent training in one arena or another. That’s all well and good since we’ve had several shows to train for and it’s my first full year of riding. I also realized that Carter needs to get out of the arena. We needed to get out of the arena. Our trainer said it is great exercise for Carter and me. So, yesterday we did just that…we took an hour long trail ride…our first together! And, it was well worth the wait.

After I dusted off my western saddle, which hadn’t seen the light of day since early February, I headed off for our first outdoor excursion. Now, being spoiled by a mounting block in every arena ride once outside I quickly realized that I had two mounting choices.

One. The ramp leading up into the potentially  scary bedding trailer….well, scary at least scary to Carter.

Two. The ditch where I may just be able to get my short leg into the stirrup to get enough leverage to mount the beast.

After watching my ride partner use the bedding truck ramp method gracefully and without issue, I tried. Yep, not gonna work. Carter was more interested in checking out just about everything except letting me hop on… okay, it was me thinking no way. I tried the ditch… nope. Thankfully, after failing both, my ride partner Keri hopped down and held Carter so I could try the ramp again….SUCCESS! We were off!

The next 45 minutes were filled with new sights, new sounds, new smells… all familiar, yet brand new. We traversed inclines. We scurried down declines, through ruts, around bumps…taking it all in. By the last ten minutes we were both relaxed and enjoying it all. I knew it would be worth it. I knew it was something new. I knew that we now had something new to share, forever!

A new riding world to experience and I can’t wait for the next time we venture out. Next time a little longer…a little farther…out to explore through my four-legged best friends ears.

To think my trainer calls this exercise.