Who doesn’t want one of these?

Sometimes you get your giggles in the strangest places, you know?

Not too long ago, after being beaten in a 3′ class by a pony jockey who probably hadn’t aged into double digits,  one of my barn mates and I contemplated a strategy that might be intimidating to the younger competitors in the jumper ranks.

We thought that maybe wearing something that sported skulls or perhaps a dragon scale mohawk would be suitably Shock-and-Awe inspiring and cause the pre-fetal phenoms a moment of angst, maybe enough to throw them off their games and give us old broads a shot at the ribbons.

It’s not what I was originally looking for, but when this little beauty came across my desktop I was instantly in love with the concept.  Might not be intimidating, but heck, it’s time saving, and I mean, think about how many ways you could use the “Gooseneck” alone! No more transferring the reins to one hand and then reaching back with the crop.  Nope!  One quick twist of the neck and you’re all set.

The Helmet Helper!

Can you envision jumping a course with this thing?  That oxer look a bit high to you?  Just use the old “Gooseneck” to pluck that nasty top rail off and over you go!

Barn chores would be done in a jiffy.  Imagine – you could clean stalls while filling water buckets.  Eat lunch and clean tack at the same time — just put a slice of pizza in the “Gooseneck” and hang your bridle from the “Spike.”

I am sooooo getting myself one of these babies!

What would you do with a Helmet Helper?


(With thanks to Lexicon Technologies, IT maintenance solutions providers and makers of the Helmet Helper.)