The little orange helicopter! -Photo by Keara

Okay, so remember how I apologized for missed the first few rounds of the Nations Cup on Saturday because I was off doing something else? Well, it wasn’t something mundane and boring!

Having gone to Spruce Meadows for just about my entire life, I have noticed a little orange helicopter flying around. I have often wondered what it was for. Well, I found out! The helicopter is used to give the media, generally international media, a tour of Spruce Meadows from the sky. It allows you to see the ‘big picture’ of the grounds and how it is situated in relation to the city.

Well, at 2:00 on Saturday, there was an open spot – so I got to go!

I was a little nervous at first, but it was just really cool, not scary at all. I was sitting in the front seat next to the pilot- it’s the best view from there. The most interesting part was the lack of, ahem, doors on the helicopter! All four doors come off so that you can take unobstructed pictures. In the above picture, they are just putting them back on.

So, here are some pictures of Spruce Meadows from above!

Looking at it from the East. -Photo by Keara

From the North. -Photo by Keara

All the nice stabling and round pens. -Photo by Keara

Some mares and foals grazing. -Photo by Keara

From the South. -Photo by Keara

Warming-up for the Nations Cup. -Photo by Keara

The International Ring. -Photo by Keara

The crazy busy public parking! Notice that they are even across the highway. -Photo by Keara

Parked around the Spruce sign. -Photo by Keara

Hoped you enjoyed the pictures!