‘to tomorrow

Dieting and riding are two areas I seem to always be weighing, measuring, and evaluating for small signs of progress.

Dieting and riding are also two areas where the smallest progress is accepted and celebrated with gusto. If my progress at work was at the same snail pace as my diet and my riding, I’d be out of a job.

How many of you crawl into bed and say… “Tomorrow I will stick to my diet”… you lay there making a meal plan for the next day… I will eat only oatmeal for breakfast I will pack my lunch and I will not go out!!! Apple, carrots and ….

By 9am I’ve been coerced into eating a doughnut, because the unfriendly co-worker brought a dozen to share. Come on!! She’s not usually friendly, someone must have told the b*%#@ I was on a diet… oh well, I can’t be rude. Well, since I blew it already I might as well go out with the girls and try that new place. I’ll be better tomorrow,  I’m changing the “food at your desk” policy. Being the manager, I can do that.

As I sit at my desk sucking on a tums regretting my food choices, I begin to plan my evening ride. To make up for lunch, I’ll ride rising trot for a solid 20 minutes concentrating on the horse’s quality and my body position. Two minute walk break and 10 minutes in 2 point, yea!! This is a good plan. I want to work on canter departures. The main goal for tonight is to increase our stamina and maintain suppleness.

The doughnut and burger sat too heavy in my tummy to spend more than 2 laps in the rising trot and it’s too hot for 2 point.

I nailed the canter departure to the right ~ once. To celebrate, I had a glass of wine and a huge slice of chocolate cake.

Well, there is always tomorrow…