Cisco honors Hickstead with his First Leg Up ball cap – he got to wear it before I did!

Several weeks ago the following post from Rocky Mountain Showjumping scrolled across my Facebook news feed:

The official launch to the RMSJ “Hickstead” First Leg Up Program is tomorrow August 8, 2012…..the day a new Olympic champion horse will be crowned. We want the world to “REMEMBER HICKSTEAD” His legacy will carry on with this program. Visit our store to get one of these great limited edition hats to pay your respect to the great Hickstead!

The message was accompanied be a photo of a ball cap, the words First Leg Up propped nicely inside a stirrup iron above the bill that read simply, Remember Hickstead. I may or may not have squealed at the sight of it. I HAD to have one!

I panicked briefly at the words “limited edition” and frantically clicked on the link which took me to RMSJ’s Facebook Store. With a dramatic flourish I whipped out my credit card and several clicks later I had send my 25 dollars flying across the interwebs – ok, 26 and some change because the US/Canadian currency exchange is rather not in the US favor at the moment.

Lucky for me, shipping was free for the first 250 purchasers! A short half hour later, a second post from RMSJ stated that in just that half an hour, over 50 orders had already been placed and thanked those of us who had chosen to support First Leg Up and honor Hickstead. A few days later, the first 250 hats had been completely sold out! Phew! I could breathe easy knowing my order was safely in and I waited in anticipation for my hat to arrive.

The Hickstead First Leg Up program is one that stems from a similar program that the PGA endorses known as the First Tee. The program will allow the opportunity for inner city kids to ride and to learn about horses in a secure and encouraging environment. It will also support up and coming equestrians by providing funding and several opportunities that may not otherwise be available to them. Due to the tremendous success of the ball cap sales thus far, Rocky Mountain Show Jumping has made plenty more! YOU can support First Leg Up and honor Hickstead by purchasing a hat of your very own by visiting the RMSJ Facebook Store or simply clicking on the photo below.

Purchase a First Leg Up cap today in honor of Hickstead!