The barn at Rancho Pampa

So I’ve now been in Buenos Aires at Rancho Pampa for a bit over a week! The culture shock is wearing off and I’m really settling in. It helps a lot that everyone I work with is so nice.

Rancho Pampa is a breeding and training operation outside of the capital. There are over 35 horses in the barn and the majority are all in full training. The owner, Martin, shows the young horse in the Argentine young horse jumper series. The series runs over the Argentine winter (North American summer) and into Argentine spring, culminating with the finals in November or December.

The Series 1 horses (four year olds, going on five), jump their way up to 1.10 m courses by the finals, while the Series 2 horses, who are a year older, work their way up to 1.20 m. The classes are often very full and the competition is stiff, but the horses at Rancho Pampa all perform admirably.

A typical day at Rancho Pampa starts with riding. The Series horses get schooled on the flat or over poles, and once a week or so Martin will school them over fences. The young horses will have more intensive flat sessions, and the very young babies are lunged and backed. Lunch is around 12 o’clock or 1, and the afternoon is typically devoted to systematically grooming all the horses in the barn, cleaning all the tack that was used during the day and doing general barn clean-up and organization.

The weather here is gradually warming up as we head to an Argentine summer, and from what I hear those can be VERY hot! I’m here til December, so I should be right in the thick of things during the main show season, which is exciting. As for my Spanish skills… let’s just say they leave something to be desired, as I was reduced to calling bug spray “mosquito water” today. Crossing my fingers that I can polish up my linguistic skills as I work hard on my riding! Talk to you all soon!

Visit Rancho Pampa’s website at to see some of the horses!