Harley’s belly – To get out of work, my gelding is trying to tell me he’s pregnant!

Why is it that horses have impeccable timing. Every time you have a big event planned they manage to throw a curve ball? Loosing a shoe, slicing into themselves, running away from you in the field or refusing to go into the trailer…. I do wonder sometimes if they have AGM meetings in the field sometimes to come up with an action plan due to their impeccable timing!

Luckily we arrived at the event and the forecast was rain free- practically a first for us this year, but why is it that the temperatures at equestrian events always appear to be a good 5 C lower than anywhere else? Thank heavens horsey folk aren’t known for being teetotalers, otherwise a sea of people dressed for an Antarctic expedition would be have been reported being seen walking around Lincoln show ground!

So after a good night’s sleep… well, as good a sleep as you can have in a horsebox on a show ground that’s parked next to a team that opted to party like it was going out of fashion, we discovered we were not on until mid afternoon so had plenty of time to explore.

I’ve only been a member of a riding club for a few months, so even getting to the Riding Club Championships was rather unexpected. I discovered it was far bigger and more varied with everything from style jumping, to quadrille on offer. We spent most of the morning trying to negotiate positions to take pictures of all our members. But in typical fashion, they all appeared to be on at once in the furthest arenas apart from each other. After that experience, I realised why there was so many mobility scooters parked around!

Trying to prove we can remember a test

So time quickly flew by and we soon found ourselves getting ready. The normal nerves kicked in including forgetting the test that you’ve read for the past few weeks! Why is it the hardest part to remember is which way do you turn after heading down the centreline- its a 50/50 chance that feels like it has a £1m prize fund linked to it?!

Luckily, I picked the right route and we did a rather nice test for my chap but as always with dressage, you never know… It always seems that when you say the test went well, you get a bad score but when you think it sunk quicker than the Titanic, it’s a new personal best?

The whole team felt similarly towards their individual tests but the unanimous opinion was there was some super smart ponies around so we’d have to wait and see.

So after an ice cream and supporting the equestrian trade via buying half their stock, we went to check the scoreboards only to be completely confused by lots of percentages, numbers and letters so none of us had a clue!

Luckily after eavesdropping other riders conversations and asking the people who looked more approachable if they could explain matters to us, we discovered we’d all done rather well……very well in fact… as we discovered that we had won the National British Riding Club Team Dressage Competition!

Singing “We Are the Champions” will never get old!

So after a mad rush to try and tack up for the presentation whilst clearing our stables and packing up ready to go home we went and had our moment of glory.

Our smiles we’re bigger and goofier than those seen in Disneyworld but we didn’t care. We’d won a trophy, vouchers, rugs, rosettes and sashes!

We finally got home at midnight but it’s funny how don’t care when you’ve done well!

So after so many soggy, muddy, depressing outings or rather non-outings this year maybe the horsey gods have finally looked down at us and tried to make amends. However, I’m slightly dubious as we have the British Eventing 80T championships next weekend so I’m preparing myself for the worst that my horse can come up with. After all, he’s gone 2 days without needing medical attention!