Kahlua, the blogger

Dear friend with the two legs and good snacks,

We gotta talk…

We have been together for a few years now.

As I recall one day, I was in a dry brown field minding my own business and the next thing I know, I’m in some wooden box with you staring at me.

Yeah, I like all the cookies, apples and treats. I like the hay pile and the grain that goes into my feeder, YUMMM!

At first, the brushing, hugging and all-round touching was a royal pain, I hate to say it, but I’ve grown fond of it. Still not a big fan of the “bath” –  don’t think that is ever gonna change.

At first ,the saddles felt odd and bugged me, but now I understand it’s just one way we get to spend time together.

I really like it when we go places and people oooh and ahhh all over me. You look proud, so I try extra hard to be good. I get scared and shy, but together, we have each other’s backs… it’s good times, really good times.

I know I’ve made you cry, I’ve seen you bite your lip and walk away in frustration, but come on…  I’m a mare and doing only what comes naturally.

Would you wear this??

I might not show it, but I do appreciate all the great things I have now. The warm stall, great food, beautiful tack, clothing for all seasons, the lap top and cell phone to keep up to date on happenings, the Facebook page to chat with my race horse friends, to name just a small portion of all you’ve given me.

I know at home I’m a brat, bored out of my mind of riding 20 meter circles but really, what have I done to justify this….?

You loving partner with payback on the mind,