The two Lolas – Lola B and Lola S.

As I was moving horses this last weekend and sending all the details on feed and contacts I realized how many horses I know that have the same name.  I guess we all know a few people with the same name – like I have 2 Debbies in my life both of whom I see almost everyday.  Confusing?  Sometimes, but usually not a problem.  And it got me to thinking all the same named horses and how we differentiate them.

In the past, I had two horses names Sam.  One was Black Sam and the other was Brown Sam.  They were NOTHING alike, one big, one average sized, both off the track, but quite different personalities.  Now my aunt has a horse named Sam too…. bay one this time.

There have been two Vinnys.  My Vinny and another Vinnie.  When they lived at the same barn it was Vinny (mine) and Black Vinnie since he came after my Vinny.  A little easier they were spelled differently, but still need clarification if Vinny/Vinnie needed turnout or a feed change and we were doing it verbally.

Lola – Yup, two Lolas.  So there is Lola B and Lola S.  These horses are quite the same but different.  Both about the same size grey mares, however one is younger so darker with a very dark mane and tail and the other is no practically white.  Lola B is Lola Burnaby and Lola S is Lola Southlands.  I did this so that when they are both in Southlands at the same time my main gal Amanda and I know which is which.  It has shortened down the Lola and Lola B, the name Lola B just sounds cute.  It reminded me how in High School there were 3 Lisas – Lisa, Lisa B and Lisa S.  I think Lisa B is still called Lisa B.  And her last name started with a B, no other reason if that is what you are thinking!!!

Ben – one Ben as in Bentley and one Benny.  Not to much a challenge since Benny was decades ago, and Ben is more recent.

Teddy  – more than one – maybe 3 over the years all at different times.

Ahlen and Zahlen – ya, who knew?!?  both black, both cute, and at the same time.  Usually called one by the other name.

Thomas – a horse named Thomas and a student named Thomas.

Finn – Baby Finn, Lola B’s baby is now at a barn with another Fin, older.  I haven’t seen him yet, so not sure what colour he is.

Cleo and a Chloe. Again, confusing names.

Fred – horse named Fred and a saddle fitter at the time named Fred.

Simon – the  horse and Simon the dog.

Peanut – two horses named Peanut.

Max – that is always a good one for many horses.  Big, black Max the horse, Max the dog, Max the person.  I guess I have come across a lot of Max-es.

Those are the ones that came to mind as I was meeting the new horses in the new barn.  I am sure we all know some unique names and some ones that double up.

Alison – the dressage blogger, cause there are more than one Alison blogging for HJU too!