My Little Kid’s Thanksgiving Art. So many things to be thankful for! She is thankful for ‘technology’ – yup, she says, I am thankful I can play games on your phone.

We all love it when our horses nicker to us.  The affirmation of their love and affection for us.  But deep down we know it is just about the special cookies we give them on our arrival.

Thanksgiving weekend, we are all thinking about those things to be thankful for.  And it seems like many around me are having more downs than ups these days, but we all can be thankful for something.

Having just moved barns, having other little bumps and quirks happening lately,  I am thankful that the horses are all happy and healthy in their new homes.

The great thing about the old barn was that everything was all close and personal with the horses in the barn.  Finn, in particular, would great you with a hearty nicker and continue to talk to me throughout the day.  He was eager to go out to work, and then quieter for the rest of the morning.  But if it sounded like you opened a cookie jar, the sugar cube box, rustled a carrot bag or muffled the apple bucket – he was right there talking to you louder and louder.  And yes, I was the very bad trainer who encouraged this behaviour.

I talked to him when he started, I OFTEN gave him treats after our little conversations and so – he talks to me a lot saying something to the effect of “what kind of treat will it be, surprise me.”  I wish I had captured it on film!

After moving to his new house, the first day I went to visit he nickered loudly as if to say “where the heck have you been!?  I came here and I haven’t seen you all day everyday.”  Then as I left with a different horse (of course, after a short conversation that included a cookie) he SCREAMED at me every time he saw me walk across the yard.  Ahhh, the love….  I think it was more like he was saying “hey, where are you going?  Don’t leave me here. Where are all the cookies?”   So hoping to capture his chatty self, here is a little video – and yes, he clammed up!  Stage fright obviously, and too bad the glare is in the camera because if you knew him you would see how expressive his eyes are.  Pleading, yearning for that cookie.

Chatty Mr Finn….

Here is a video of Vinny at his new barn, in his new field.  Of course the first time we let him out, he frolicked around happily.  Hoping to capture it on video I had my phone ready this time – and nope, nothing.  Just eating.  So I am happy he is happy in his new house.  Though he has yet to nicker at me in the new barn.

Vinny being boring.

Both Vinny and Finn need to go to drama class so they can be more expressive and confident in front of the camera. Happy Thanksgiving!

Alison, who is also thankful hockey season is on hold.  Sorry NHL fans!