What To Do When You Spot Your Dream Horse But…

What To Do When You Spot Your Dream Horse But…

What To Do When You Spot Your Dream Horse But…

Please pick an option:

A) It’s out of your budget

In this case I guess you have a few options. Win the Lotto – obviously not the ridiculous $110 million jackpot, just a modest $20 million one would do! Contemplate a train or bank robbery – after all, you could use your current steed as part of the get away plan, so they don’t feel left out over the potential new addition.

Or even follow the advice you see on Antique related TV programmes and haggle…. What ever the price tag is, knock 99.9% off; it’s just the seller trying to make a killer profit from some poor sod who doesn’t know the inside tricks! Ohhhh and finally….don’t forget to pray.

B) It’s in another country

Head to the travel agents…… It really is amazing how many superstars are advertised in places like Aruba and The Maldives; it’s just a shame they often turn out not to be what they were advertised to be. You then of course have to end up having to suffer a good 7 days in these horrid places, only for another trip having to be planned shortly after due to another potential buy coming up!

C) It has one teeny, tiny issue, like being 12hh when you are 6ft 6

Don’t contemplate severing limbs, now that’s just plain ridiculous behaviour!

The answer is delusion. He’s only 17 years young and bum high but of course, he’s going to grow a good 4 hands!

But in all honesty just persuade yourself of course you need a 12hh pony. He can be a great companion for your 16hh gelding. However, you’ll then need a 10hh pony to keep the 12hh pony company when the 16hh eventer goes away and if you’re going to travel that far for a show then surely it’s more economical to take at least 3 eventers. And then, they’ll need at least one companion each and then…….

D) You are not really meant to be looking for a horse

Well are we ever. Horses are like shoes: one is never enough! Although when I tell that to my bank manager, I’m always quite puzzled at why he looks at me like I’m the one speaking gibberish!

But with all these sales websites and facebook postings, how can you avoid it? Especially when you start reading a post and it suddenly ends mid-sentence. I mean… surely, it’s better to just nip it in the bud and press that lovely ‘read more’ button just to put your mind at rest… after all, you need to know how many points this horse has and if it’s good to be shod despite absolutely on “no circumstances, you are going to view it”, right?

E) All of the above

In this case, have a good sip of that merlot whilst taking your bubble bath then hit the sack and prove to the world & horse’s owner what an amazing rider you are by winning Burghley seven times, The Spruce Meadows International 4 times, the Grand National twice and all the Equestrian Olympic competitions within a blissful 8 hours slumber! Seriously, when are the national papers going to give me credit for these amazing performances!?! Then wake up the next day, head to work and avoid looking at your bills via continuing to window shop!