Have you heard??? I’m getting a sista

Have you ever done something so stupid, so irrational, so off nature that you know it’s right?

Well… a couple of weeks ago I answered a plea. A friend of a friend from HJU posted a re-rescue needing a home FAST!!!.  A 16 3 hh dark bay 16 year old OTTB mare needed a new forever home within weeks or they would be forced to euthanize it. I kind of tossed my hand in the air with the… “if you can’t find anyone else…. I’ll take her”. Then I dropped to my knees and prayed “please someone else come along” all while crossing my fingers hoping no one would.

It took only minutes to spin out of control and the women who rescued this horse named Hope, raised funds for the vet and arranged transportation to me… INSANE!!! As I attempted to breathe, I called my husband to tell him we were expecting … another mare.

How am I going to do this… How am I going to do this… HOW AM I GOING TO DO THIS???!!!

I had started my search hoping for a more trained, higher level school master when Kahlua and I were locking horns a thousand times a day, EVERY DAY!!!  I hoped to find a partner above me to get me out of the funk of where I was with Kahlua; my theory was if I was riding higher I would be stronger to help Kahlua grow.

As panic set in…

And here I am taking on another rescue with no history, no proven track record, Yep!! We ain’t gonna tell my husband any of this… We are sticking to the “THEY ARE GOING TO KILL HER IF WE DON’T TAKE HER…. And leave it at that. Maybe he won’t ask.

Hope and her rescuer networking to find her a home.

Of course he asked…

As I explained in all honesty, I did not know what training she had but trainers and people I trusted insured me she had great potential. That more importantly, she was safe and sane. She needs and deserved our love.

He quietly said… “Well… we’ll just have hope.”

I’ve been through the mill in this search: I’ve been lied to. I’ve had my hopes raised to be smashed. I’ve logged miles and came home empty handed and heartbroken. I’d given up hope and lost trust.

As I was making arrangements with the lady, who out of the kindness of her heart was delivering Hope to me, free of charge, she reminded me there were still good people left in this world. She also told me there were good people left in the horse world.

It all came together too easily, too smoothly.

As we sit here waiting for Hope (the horse) to arrive next week, we realized hope already has.