Carter has changed my life in so many ways…

In a few days, I will have owned my first-ever horse, Carter, for one year! I’m amazed that this unbelievable creature has been with me for nearly 365 days. Some days, when he’s being naughty or utterly independent, it feels like it has been a lifetime, other days it feels like a blink.

However long it has been, each moment after the first has been surrealistically life-changing and I am so completely grateful to have to opportunity to have him in my life.

Here are some of the ways Carter has changed me:

  • I used to be obsessed with jewelry; now, I barely can remember to wear any when I leave for work and my bling has been replaced with riding gloves, tall boots, and spurs.
  • I used to have a personal relationship with make-up; now, I can’t wait to remove it and go ride. After all the cantering just makes my eyes water and the make-up runs with all the sweat!
  • I used to wonder what I’d do when I got home from work; now, I can’t wait to leave work and get to the barn and wish I could figure out a way to get a horsey sabbatical.
  • I have wonderful recollections of competing in tennis when I was a teenager; now, I have ribbons of all colors from competing in our first show season and believe it’s much more rewarding than I ever remembered tennis was.
  • I remember spending countless hours (and dollars) at my favorite clothing boutique; now, those sessions have been replaced with excursions to tack shops to buy a new something for Carter or new breeches for me. Shoes… right, I haven’t had a new pair (oops, yes, I have a new pair of Danskos!)
  • I used to make sure I dabbed perfume on for every occasion; now, I relish the smell of Carter’s peach-fuzz covered nose.
  •  I’ve given up dreaming of vacations to exotic locales and replaced that with enjoying every minute I can spend at the barn, riding, or at a show – and the expense is pretty much the same, too!
  • I used to think I’d be carrying around baggies filled with Cheerios and cut apples for my little one; now, I carry around baggies filled with carrots and cut apples for my “little” 1200lb munchkin.

Truly, Carter – likely all horses – has the power to change lives. I know he’s changed mine forever. I’m endlessly grateful and honored to be his person. Even though I just started riding last year, I’m so completely a Horse Junkie I’m glad to be among every one of you and I wouldn’t change it for the world.