Right up front at a 24 goal match!

So it’s now been six weeks that I’ve been working in Argentina – I cannot believe how quickly time flies. The weather is warming up every day and the horses are shiny, shiny, shiny. It’s been really cool to see how the young horses are coming along. They are consistently handled every day and it’s amazing how easy they are to work around, and how quickly they are improving under saddle.

This past weekend, on my day off, I had the chance to go with the other riders to a professional polo match in downtown Buenos Aires, at the Palermo field. I play polo locally at home in Canada, and I absolutely love it but I’ve never had the chance to see anything beyond a 9-goal match before.

Well, on Sunday I got to see a 24-goal match – two, in fact! It was a complete thrill, capped off by great company and a beautiful setting. There was two ten-goal players on one of the teams, and their stick handling and horsemanship were to die for.

The spring season is now warming up here and clients are starting to come to look at horses. I am really enjoying the process and I can’t help but feel all gooey and proud inside when I watch Rancho Pampa’s horses strutting their stuff for clients. Really looking forward to learning more about breeding, too, since the season is just about upon us. This whole springtime-in-October thing is definitely throwing off my internal clock though, I keep waiting for the first frost and instead I’m getting sun burned!