Spooky fun at the Bath Pony Club Haunted Hunter Pace!

So now that you all know what a Hunter pace is, what is a HAUNTED hunter pace?! Well, just in time for Halloween, our local pony club in Bath, Ohio has put on their annual Haunted Hunter Pace!

And no, monsters don’t jump out in front of you and your horse to try to scare you (well, except for those invisible ones horses tend to see anyway)!  It’s basically just like a regular hunter pace, but with spooky-themed jumps and riders and their mounts dressed up in costume!

So here are some fun photos of the day, from costumes to decorations and even a video of my personal favorite jump on course, #13 as it as aptly numbered, a coffin complete with scary ghouls!

What horse doesn’t want to jump over a coffin complete with scary ghouls standing by?!

Jump #13 – a coffin. Well… she has certainly seen better days!

Little Bo Peep and her…Sheep??

Hey ummm Bo Peep? I think you’re losing some of your sheep!

Good or bad…whose side are you on? 😉

Nothing cuter than a little bee and her flower! 🙂

A couple of fairy princesses and their trusty steeds!

WOW a real live zebra, following a jailbird! 😉

What hunter paces are all about – fun and friends! (left to right: Barb and her mare “Princess”, “Sandie” and I, Sage and her gelding “Excel”)

Umm Sandie? Haven’t you noticed the creepy looking farmer? Apparently nothing can phase her when she finds a nice patch of grass to munch on!

A very spooky Jump 13!  HAPPY HALLOWEEN everyone! 🙂