It’s only a ribbon, right?

I recently attended the Year End Awards Banquet for one of the local schooling show clubs I belong to. It was a fun season, the Mare and I did fairly well but I cannot help reflecting back to one particular show.

I tell myself over and over again I do this showing stuff just for fun. For each season and each show, I write down a list of goals which mainly consist of personal things, not necessarily confined to the tests we are riding. I make little check marks after each one to see how many goals I have actually achieved and what I need to work on.

This show season, was hugely successful in the goals department but not necessarily in the winning department.

At one certain show this year, I received a personal record high score on a tough test and I was thrilled. When the little girl bounced up to me with my test and bright red ribbon attached, I was so happy and even more so as I read the judge’s comments.

As I walked through the barn, I was stopped by the new trainer I had hired – she was not my trainer for this show but would be by the time the next show came around. She wanted to read my test, maybe to see what she got herself into.  Standing next to the trainer was another student that rode the same test as I did. There, in her hand, was a Bright Red ribbon just like mine, BUT she received a test score a whole 10 points less than mine.

I’ll admit I was a little confused, I even told myself I was mistaken. No way did she get the same placing as I did with that much of a difference in score. Sadly, I will admit it rubbed at me over these past few months. So much so, I finally asked and was told it was “her first time so I gave everyone except the first place winner in that class got a second place ribbon.”  I could understand if we were all four years old….

The age range for that class was 18 and up. There was one 18 year old who scored a 72.9; the other 10 of us riders are over 50.  I scored a 72.8.

I’ll keep telling myself it’s only a pretty colored ribbon and that it doesn’t matter…