Rugby’s opinion of Holly’s vacation days. Photo by Patricia Nash.

The horses have a good life. They hang out in the pasture, they get fed. They lay down and sleep when it’s warm, get up and mosey to the barn when it’s wet and chill, waiting for feed time. Occasionally, someone goes out and gets them and brings them in the barn to groom them, put a nice warm waterproof blanket on them, or shoe them, or give them shots or dewormer.

Then, horror of horrors….here she comes…the RIDER. (Or worse yet….the TRAINER.) This means a saddle, bridle, and various other straps and bits will be hung on their ample bodies, and they will have to go out to an arena, on a trail, or in a field, and …. dare I mention this four-letter word … WORK.

Now any self-respecting pasture potato knows that work at some point in life is required, but they also know it is a life mission to avoid work, too. The late fall, early winter time of year is just about perfect for achieving the maximum amount of leisure pasture time and minimal amount of work, because Mommy can’t get home from work until dark, and can’t ride in the dark.

The very worst that could happen to my horses would be arena lights. To date, the budget hasn’t allowed for them, better’s the luck for them, but some day I have hope that I will be able to surprise the horses by tacking them up after dark and expecting a little work out of them. I can just imagine the shock!

So when anyone who works a full time weekly job gets a few vacation days at home, and you actually get to ride more than twice a week, look out. It’s going to be wholesale mutiny in the stable when they find out they have to be ridden five whole days in a row. I can’t wait….but I am sure they can! 🙂