Keep your seat light

My friend Gretchen, who also happens to be a trainer and an eventer, has long believed in the foundation of classical dressage training methods.  So it was no surprise to me when she shared a video on Facebook that she had found, with only the words “VERY IMPORTANT!!!”

I watched it and couldn’t agree with her more!  I myself have fallen prey to the “I must get your head tucked!” false frame, and I’ve had to undo a lot of bad habits with my mare (that I have caused!) because of it.

This video is probably the most easily understood example I’ve seen out there so far that shows the difference between a horse who’s truly lifting his back and using his hindquarters and one in a false frame, travelling around on the forehand with his head twisted under.

Classical Dressage Trainer Will Faerber demonstrates how to encourage your horse to raise its back, engage its hind end and “get connected”.

How to engage your horse’s back (PS – please always wear your helmet….)