A simple Twist of Fate

The story I was told was that in 1997 on a farm in Kansas, while horse sitting for a sister, a Percheron stallion broke loose and had “a visit” with the sister’s favorite Andalusian mare.

In May of 1998, that visit resulted in a super disappointment to the breeders. This little disappointment was hauled to auction at 4 months old. The story went on about how everyone at the auction laughed at the Little Disappointment as he was led around, so bad so that a woman offered a hundred dollars just to get the poor little guy out of there.

This woman, that purchased the sad looking colt, owned a highly reputable jump barn in Colorado, training some very well-known talent. The Little Disappointment was brought back to her farm where he stayed for the next year.

On November 14, 1999 the Little Disappointment, now known as ‘A Simple Twist of Fate’ aka Twister and often loving called Stinky came to live with me.

I had had my heart set on a grey Warmblood. My trainer and I had searched for nearly six months in five states and had test rode over 100 horses before I met ‘The Little Disappointment’ a black draft cross with feet the size of an elephant’s and a huge head to match. It was only after we had rejected several other horses at this jump farm that we came to even look at Twister. I think it was supposed to be a joke, but it turned out to be love at first sight.

Along with the fact this horse was totally green, super young and the completely opposite of what I had been searching for, he had a huge tornado shaped blaze. Hence the re-naming, “A Simple Twist of Fate”

Over the years, Twister has put me on my butt, dragged me through the mud, left me in tears and has filled my heart like nothing else could. Together we grew; him into a fine horse and me into a much better horseman, and never once was he a disappointment to me.

A few years ago, Twister went off to college to care for my son. From there, they have moved on to managing a dressage barn and the two of them are having a hugely successful show career.

Although Twister was only supposed to be away from me for a short time (the plan was only until we found a new horse for my son), it became impossible to break the two up, so I ended up with the new horse.

Happy Anniversary my love

Last week, I had my anniversary ride on Twister. Although I often have the opportunity to spend time with him, every year, I always make sure we are together on our anniversary.

Stepping up on the mounting block I gather the reins, slip my foot into the stirrup and swing my other leg over his wide back is like slipping into a favorite pair of jeans. Gently settling down into the saddle, my legs just fall into the perfect position. His huge stride, as we move away from the mounting block, is as comforting as sitting in the rocking chair on the front porch on a warm summer evening.

There has always been something so reassuring, so wonderful, so perfect when I’m with him. I’ve ridden many horses and no one has ever fit me as perfect as Twister.

 I know sometime in the future, he will come home to again.

 But until then, Happy Anniversary my love. Thank you for a great life.