Oh hi. I don’t believe I have enough hay?

HJU bloggers come from different parts of the world, so we thought it would be an interesting exercise to compare prices for lessons, board, shows, feed, hay. Let us know in the comments how much things cost in YOUR area.

Florida ~ from Justine:

Wellington, FL:

Board: Haven’t seen any self-care board options in Wellington, but in neighboring Loxahatchee, $700-1600 for full care (without training).

Feed costs: $17-$30 per bale, depending on the type of hay. Paid $23 per bale for T&A over the summer.

Lessons/Training: Group lesson costs range from $55-70 for the hour, depending on the facility and level of instruction. Private lessons, or drive out to your own farm start around $65-$95 for the hour.

Showing: Schooling shows range from $25-35 office fees, with $15, $17, $20 per class (for hunter/jumper) and $20-$30 per class for dressage.

Sarasota/Tampa Bay area (which I think can apply to most other areas. The costs are similar in Orlando, Jacksonville, Gainesville.)

Board: starts at $250 for partial care. $450-800 for full care (without training)

Feed costs: $15-$20 per bale, depending on the type of hay. We pay about $17, $18 a bale for good T&A and O&A.

Lessons/Training: Group lesson costs range from $35-60 for the hour, depending on the facility and level of instruction. Private lessons, or drive out to your own farm start around $60-$85 for the hour.

Showing: Schooling shows range from $25-35 office fees, with $10, $12, $15 per class (for hunter/jumper) and $15-$25 per class for dressage.

Rated shows: $50 office fees, $30 member fees, $140 per stall per show, $27 fee per class (on average, no money stakes classes.)

Delaware ~ from Holly

If I want to go to a local ICP level 3 instructor – $85/45 min. private. A bit lesser known instructor but very competent (advanced level) $55-$60 an hour.

Board varies from basic hay and pasture turnout with others $350 to full board over $500 with a fancy barn and indoor arena. That’s just local to me.

A two-day clinic expect to spend $250 at least, that would be for instruction, a “ship-in” fee which all the barns seem to charge usually about $20 and additional arena fees if the barn is not hosting the clinic themselves.

Entry fees for a local schooling show run $10 a class pre-entry, up to $17 a class post entry and some are $25, that’s jumper shows and dressage schooling shows are about $25/class. You will be judged usually by a USDF L graduate.

Locally, I can buy a brand new Tough-1 blanket at my local tack shop for $75 or so.

The biggest expense for me on an ongoing basis is fuel to ship. Just one lesson probably costs me $55-60 in fuel with a truck getting 15mpg. A show a bit further away – over $100 in fuel.

Ohio – from Stefanie

Group lessons range from $35-55 around here, private $45-65.

Schooling jumper and dressage shows are normally around $10-15 per class and with the exception of one venue, nearby most are all about 50-60 or so miles away. The schooling Eventing shows here (mini trials) are $55-65 to enter. Recognized horse trials more like $130-175.

Full board (stall cleaning, feeding, turnout) is around $400-450 on average. Usually hay is $3-5/bale but right now that’s more like $8-10 (or more) due to the drought. Most hay here is an orchard grass or Timothy mix.

Northern Illinois/Chicago Northwest Suburbs ~ from Sue

Horse boarding ranges between $400 to more than $700 with services depending on the barn. Most include turnout, hay and grain (with kicker for hay right now since the summer drought). Some at either end include meds and blanketing, but it really varies.

Lessons range from $35-45 1/2 hour private to $50-70 hour private. Group lessons are $25-40 four an hour. Not too many offer package prices or different for boarder/non-boarder.

Show fees for Dressage Schooling shows average $112 for two classes ($20/ea.) with day stall. There is a great selection of shows within a 20-40 mile range. Rated shows pretty much double in cost at fewer locations.

Northern Michigan ~ from Cheryl

I’m paying $310 a month for board which includes feed, grain, two group lessons a week, turn out, worming and other miscellaneous services for no extra. My stalls are huge and cleaned better than my house, daily. This is a small western pleasure barn with about 5 other boarders.

They grow their own hay as well as sell it. If I buy hay for any odd reason, I pay $3.50 a bale for a solid 100lb bale. The Queen of England use to get hay from this area, so our hay is amazing.

My son works at a barn in Harbor Springs about an hour and half south from me, their base board starts at $1200 with a complete “menu” of extras. The average boarder pays about $1500 to 2000 a month with training and lessons, at $85.00 per hour (extra).

Schooling shows $15.00 a class, stalls between 30-40 supply own bedding and clean out after. Rated OUCH!!! $100+ but we only have one rated venue within reasonable distance.

For hauling costs 0.50 cents a mile. For me to take a lesson, I haul 200 miles.

Lessons with a gold certified trainer is $65.00+/a lesson ( my new trainer is only $50 for the time being). Add an extra $10 for a school horse or $10 haul-in fee. I use a lesson horse and trailer in only every 3rd lesson…

Trainer at shows usually cost $35.00 to $100.00 plus expenses, it depends on how many students they have there. I usually go without a trainer.

West Coast Canada – Lower Mainland BC, Canada from Alison

Full board – $800-1100/month.

1 ton of hay is $325 for local timothy mix (usually from Alberta, Washington or Interior BC). Cost/bale for local ave $10-$12 light bales, Timothy $25 heavier and alfalfa $28-30 for the heavy 3 string bales.

Lessons with certified dressage instructor range from $70-$100. 2 day dressage clinic with European trainer $300/lesson = $600, with high end Canadian/US trainer more like $450/weekend. Of course, Robert Dover and Steffen Peters are CRAZY expensive….

Schooling show dressage tests $25-$35, A rated gold show $50-$60/test plus other fees.

I find tack prices are pretty much the same across North America. US products are cheaper in the US than when bought in Canada, European stuff seems the same in both US and Can, but a lot cheaper in Europe.

North East England ~ from Emma

Livery costs vary but on average DIY (stable, use of facilities e.g. arenas, electric’s , water and turn out but excludes feed, hay and bedding) is between £80 and £120 per month (US $129-193).

For £200 per month (US $322), you can get Full Livery at a main Equestrian Centre. Price includes XC course, 2 indoor arenas and a large flood light outdoor (they hold all unaffiliated and affiliated events), 2 muck outs per day, feeding if necessary, grooming and turn out. Exclusions include cost is hard feed, wormers and trailer storage.

Training/ Lessons

Again, prices vary depending on level of experience/ qualifications, number in group and where you want the lesson. But we pay £25 per hour (US $40) for a private flat/ dressage lesson with a rider who has ridden to 4* with pony club/ BHSI qualifications or £15 (US $24) for a group lesson (3-4 people) which includes the hire of an indoor arena. Or £70 (US $112) for a private lesson with an Olympic Team trainer.

Hay/ Haylage

We’re lucky, we grow our own and it normally covers our needs but if we have to get extra….

Large haylage bales are on average £20 (US $32). Hay has gone up in recent years. It used to be less than £2 a bale but now, it seems to be on average £2.50 or £3 a bale (US $ 4-4.80)

High quality packaged haulage £7.50ish (US $12)


Small bales of straw are becoming rare but you still get them for £1.40 a bale (US $2.25) or large round bale is £10 (US $16)

Shavings from £5 a bag (US $8). For better quality, the price goes up.

Show entries (per class at same venue):

Affiliated British Eventing at grassroot level average £48.00 (US $77) , Unaffiliated Eventing (slightly shorter course) £28.00 (US $45)

Affiliated Show Jumping £12 ($19) , Unaffiliated SJ £10 ($16)

Affiliated Dressage £16 ($26), Unaffiliated Dressage £12 ($19)

from Eiren

In Germany – I paid board 315 Euro/month, normal range between 250-450.

Lower level classes at local shows, but still recognized 10-15 euro per class. Upper levels maybe around 20 euro. I never really took lessons but the owner of the stable would teach group jumping lessons for 10 euro each and he was pretty good! I think most upper level riders would teach for around 50-80 euro. Olympians, if they have time, up to 150 euro.

In Denmark – flat board at a pretty nice place, in a large box is 2600 danish kroner (455$USD) with (I don’t need it, they feed enough) extra hay 300 kr/month($52) and private turnout 275 kr/mo ($48).

Again, I haven’t taken lessons but I think the in-house trainer at the riding club is 300 kr ($52). I haven’t shopped much around but it seems you can be in training with an Olympian for 1500-2000 euro/month.

How much do things cost in YOUR area?