The mare and I

Some nights are meant to be forgotten. Last night was one of them.

I wanted to trot, the mare wanted to dance and canter and hop and stop. I wanted to trot forward, she wanted to pop and slam and toss and stomp. I gave leg, she gave attitude, I gave more leg, she gave more attitude.

I asked her to go forward she said NO!! But sideways was super cool…

Grrrrrr …    Why do I do this?

I got off and ran my hands all over the mare. What is the deal? No heat, no hurt, tack is all fine, I hand walked her, she’s moving fine, a few minutes on the lunge, she looks fine.


I can see the ad now “MARE FOR SALE!!!!”

The trainer said… keep her shoulder up… push her outside hip in… tilt her nose in… ride her into the bridle. Use you’re inside leg to maintain the bend… impulsion. Soften your hand…more outside rein….

The Mare posted an ad of her own… “Human for sale… CHEAP”