My little mare “Sandie”

We all have a lot to be thankful for, but often we forget or start to focus on the future and where we WANT to be and what we WANT to have…and yes, we are all guilty of it. Every last one of us!

So this holiday season, I’d like to express some things I am particularly thankful for, from a horsey perspective, and I’d welcome you to do the same!

1. I am thankful for owning a “hony”

Sure, she may be too short to go Grand Prix (unless you get extra points for going UNDER the jumps, then GAME ON!), but what she lacks in size, she sure makes up for with heart! This little 14.2 hand girl is courageous and would try to attack those Grand Prix fences if you were dumb enough to let her!

2. I am thankful for owning a “boring run of the mill Paint/Quarter Horse”

Ok before I have the QH people hunting me down, that is certainly NOT my opinion of the breed, but in my English world anyway, sometimes I have been witness to that opinion whether people admit to it or not.

She’s no big fancy Warmblood or beautiful sleek Arabian or High power Thoroughbred. But this girl can do ANYTHING she sets her mind to. She is so versatile. She’s been my Trail Companion, Energetic Eventer, Calm Hunter, Spirited Jumper, Pretty Dressage Mare, Fearless Fox Hunter…oh, and Therapist. Yes, definitely therapist! She may not excel at everything, but she can do a pretty decent job at all of it, and it allows us to go out and try new things without fear!

I feel such a deep partnership with this little mare…I know I rescued her, but sometimes I feel that more than anything, she rescued me.

3. I am thankful she is 99% bombproof

I’ve said it before and it’s worth repeating: NO horse is 100% bombproof. It’s honestly in their nature not to be. If you had to worry every day about a mountain lion jumping on your back, you would be scared of every flapping bag, soap sud, rock, and sign that appeared in your line of vision too. So can’t really blame them there. But I have somehow been lucky enough to create a relationship with Sandie, through 4 years of experience and exposure that means I can be 99% sure she’s not going to do anything if she gets startled and if she does, it will be a tiny little shy.

4. Come to think of it, I’m thankful I even HAVE a horse in my life!

Because so many people don’t, and let me tell you, they are missing out! Let’s just see who can take on a horse (wo)man with biceps of steel from years of mucking stalls, and you’d better believe your legs are MUCH stronger than theirs from years of two pointing the crap out of yourself during your torture sessions…er…LESSONS!

She may not be fancy, but I wouldn’t trade her for the world!

They will never know how to accessorize with hay and grain, or how vet wrap doubles really well as an ace bandage. How when you’re coming down with something, no need to visit the doc when you can just sneak some of your equine pal’s SMZ’s and call it a day!

Or why you’d take your horse’s nicker in response to you walking in the room over your husband/boyfriend/best friend telling you that you look beautiful any day.

Really, what IS it about horses that makes us feel peace just by standing and watching them graze?

Why are we willing to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars a year just to keep them alive…especially when it seems like they use every hour of every day to attempt suicide?! You know, death by fence/halter/lead rope/feed tub/water trough/baling twine/that little piece of metal you never realized was in the corner of your horse’s stall until he rubbed his face against it and ended up coming out looking like he was cast for the latest zombie film! Sigh…

But with all of that, I will just reiterate that I am proud and content and HAPPY to have a horse in my life. She may not be fancy, but she is my pal, my confidante, my soul mate. And I wouldn’t trade her for the world.