Happy holidays and here’s to a great 2013!!!

Well 2012 was another busy year for Sandie and her “staff” (ie, my family and friends and I!) We tested out fabulous new products (like herbal ulcer relief from Silver Lining Herbs) and balanced Sandie’s supplement needs thanks to the wonderful team at SmartPak.

We even journeyed out of our Eventer comfort zone and into the world of Hunters for the summer!  And then soon realized that our happiness is on the cross country course, so back to Eventers we go! 😉  But Hunters did teach us a thing or two about a well thought out round, not to mention helping my jumping form immensely! And so we learned the true value of cross discipline training and how it can benefit us all.

I made it through my first Father’s Day without my Dad, and of course that steady rock that is my mare was there for me, giving me peace that day.

I reflected then on what horses can teach us, if only we will listen.

And after a lifetime of being barefoot, my mare got shoes for the very first time because of the drought we faced this summer in Ohio and all across the Midwest.  And of course, has since had those shoes pulled and is back to being happily barefoot again!

A really big change (and huge benefit to my bank account!) was the recent “science experiment” Sandie was the lucky recipient of…

More like VICTIM…

Thanks Sandie, and I’m going to have to ask you to stop talking to Amy’s mare Sugar please!  And hey, it worked out for the best, since we finally figured out that you’re not allergic to molasses OR soy and can now eat the yummy feed at the barn again!

Sandie: “Yeah, I coulda told you that, but thanks again for the last 2 years of making me eat the barley crap that is about as tasty as cardboard while all the other horses in the barn get the good stuff…”

Alright that’s it, go find Sug so you two can complain about Amy and I together.  MOVING ON…

Hunter paces = SHEER JOY!
*Photo by Casual Creation Photography*

So we covered HUNTER PACES, our fave thing in the world to enjoy, well MINE anyway…

Sandy: “Mine too.”

Ok good to know.  I kinda figured it was since in the ring I need 2-inch long spurs to get you in front of my leg but dare I use even the smallest leg pressure on the cross country course and I will get, of all things, a BUCK…what WAS that?!

Sandie: “It’s called happiness, deal with it.  You stayed on, so I’m not sure why you’re complaining anyway…”

And speaking of hunter paces, when I overfaced Sandie at a too-high-for-our-level-right-now jump I learned a lesson in cross country safety too….what, do witty retort to that one Sandie?

“Nope, heading over to Sug’s barn…see ya at dinnertime!”

And to finish off the year, of course there were video sillies like jumping with no hands and feeding Sandie some of our Thanksgiving razzleberry pie!  And of course the annual family Christmas photos, which are always a fun challenge!

Look Sandie, we’re published! 🙂

My friend Olesia (who rescued Sandie’s filly Lexi) even came in as a guest blogger to tell Lexi’s story.

And finally, I reflected in my latest blog about how much I adore my little “hony” mare, and how you don’t need to have a fancy sport horse to have a diamond.  Love you Sands.

“You too mom…you’re making me all teary eyed…ok I’m leaving now, I swear!!”

A VERY exciting book came out (way to go Patricia!!), “Horse Junkies United, A Year of Making the Ordinary Extraordinary“…and Sandie and I were lucky enough to be a part of it…and are so thankful!

So here’s to 2012, and to a fabulous 2013…may we all prosper and grow as riders and horse caretakers, and may our horses stay safe and sound and happy!  Happy holidays and here’s to a fabulous New Year! 🙂