Tamie Phillips and Lerche at Spruce Meadows. -Photo by Keara

If you caught some of my horse show reports this summer, especially those from Rocky Mountain Show Jumping, the name Tamie Phillips probably rings a bell. She had a great season showing at both RMSJ and Spruce Meadows, primarily with her lovely bay mare Lerche 37. I loved watching their rounds at both venues, Tamie always puts in a poised and accurate ride, while Lerche easily skips around the course.

A local Alberta girl, Tamie is well known around these parts, but just this past November, she made her debut on the Canadian Team in Buenos Aries for the Nations Cup. With her teammates Ben Asselin, Francois Lamontagne, and Jenn Serek, they put in a solid performance and tied for second with a team from Argentina. Taime and Lerche had a single rail in the first round, and logged a perfect clear for their team in the second.

Tamie and Lerche at RMSJ. -Photo by Keara

Tamie Phillips and Lerche over the pretty sunflowers at RMSJ -Photo by Keara

Luckily for us, our friends at RMSJ conducted a very in depth interview with Tamie about her experience, not only jumping for the Canadian team for the first time, but about everything surrounding it. She then goes on to answer some questions from fans of the RMSJ Facebook page regarding all aspects of her career. Overall, the interview is very inspirational to any young rider that is looking at moving up the ranks, and truly just shows what a class act Tamie really is.

Grab some popcorn and enjoy!

A big thanks to the folks at RMSJ and to Tamie for such a great interview. We are definitely looking forward to seeing more of Tamie and Lerche in the future!