Finn at his first show. BC Dressage Champs in Sept 2012. Major Milestone – complete!

I have been doing this for the last few years for a giggle at the barn.  I post it up in the tackroom and we all laugh about our horses New Year’s Resolutions that I put on them! Bummer news this year, I don’t have a barn to post them in, so going to follow the tradition and post them here.

You can see last year’s and see if the horses lived up to their resolutions during 2012.  My personal resolution was to cut back on sugar and stop drinking soda for January, and I ended up doing it all year.  Other than the few SMALL slurpees I had in the heat of the summer, I have not had a soda pop since Christmas 2011!

Ok, here goes the Resolutions for the horses…….

Finn – the baby.  What a year for Finn.  He went to a horse show for the first time and behaved perfectly, although he did not compete.  Next time he competed in his first official show and won some ribbons, although he did spin/trip and sit down before one test and won “most memorable moment”.  So for 2013, Finn should continue with pretty much the same goals of increasing his concentration and doing some body building for strength.  I think deep down he would like to be a singer on The Voice or X Factor.  He has lots of range in his voice and is very chatty, so if singing is not his thing, he could get a job on a revival of  Mr Ed.

Volte – the adult.  Volte continues to be the earnest working gentleman.  I hope he has stopped banging his feed bucket, but I don’t know if he has succeeded with last year’s resolution.  Otherwise, a new resolution could be to have more restraint on itchy his mane and tail in the summer.  Poor boy rubs his already thin mane to nothing and his poor tail looks a bit scraggly.  Or at least to scratch a bit less or go easy on the hair destruction.

Sky, the New Kid on the Block.

Romeo – The pre-teen.  Romeo, the Remarkable Romeo, is blossoming into a young adult and is sometimes even the Amazing Romeo!  He is loosing his lanky adolescent body, gaining more and more body awareness and confidence in himself.  His goals of being a fearless leader was a lofty goal and I would say he is as close as he could be.  Maybe not a fearless leader, but a fearless follower perhaps!  His shrinking violet nature is changing into a stronger flower, yet still a flower….

Sky – The New Kid on the Block.  Goals for Sky…. hmmm…. we don’t know him very well yet, so we will not put high goals on him.  We know he is perfectly polite and is settling in nicely, so for 2013 his goals could be to start back in the show ring sometime this year.   Look at those markings, he will stand out in the crowd!

Kayden – The Other New Kid on the Block – yes, two of a boy band.  Kayden came about the same time as Sky and he is a big, tough guy from the country, so the city sights are a wee bit overwhelming.  So for Kayden, his goals will be to expand his portfolio of experiences while still continuing to be his polite and obedient self in the arena.  Hacking out in the city is quite a bit different than in the country!

Tucker – Best shameless begging barn dog ever.

Vinny – Old Pro.  His 2012 goal of learning some new tricks has been attempted but not completed.  He started the one tempis but sometimes the legs just don’t move in the right order and sometimes they pop in when they are not asked for.  He also started learning Spanish walk – of course because I am learning Spanish too, right?!  Right front has the hang of it, while left front is not quite as organized.  So for 2013, Vinny needs to remember that all these new tricks are welcome and enjoyed when asked for, but not as much fun when Amanda is trying to put on polos.  And he has been nickering at me more… nice!

Tucker – THE Barn Dog.  Old man Tucker has had his shameless begging curtailed because there are less people to beg from!  So resolution success.  Here is a video of Tucker begging for carrots – which he would never dream of stealing!  Now what can he work on to improve himself?!   I am not sure, maybe being old he can’t learn any new tricks?  He already does quite a few……. but is losing his hearing, vision and doesn’t move with the same limber-ability.

Happy New Year!  Let’s go 2013!