House work vs barn work

On December 31st I stopped and took a long look at my house… it is not standing as tall as I’d like.

Resolution # 1 for 2013: Spend more time at home doing proper housekeeping.

The mare and I have been together just over 4 years and during this time, things have gone by the wayside on the home front. Being the bean counter I am, I need to see what has happened to get me in this pickle…

Last year, with the Mare only, I averaged 4 nights a week riding.

4 x 52= 12480 minutes in the saddle

Which also meant…

=6240 minutes catching the beast in the field in order to ride

=9360 minutes grooming

=2160 minutes cleaning tack

=360 minutes filling out show and clinic paperwork

=960 minutes with farrier, vets, massage therapist, Chiropractor, dentist (all for the horse not me)

=13480 minutes on the road for shows lessons clinics

=43680 minutes a year shopping and review products for the mare

=109,200 minutes thinking about riding.

I’m sure I’m missing stuff. On top of this, I work full time, do charity work, give lessons, do barn chores, deal with the kids, and write for HJU.

I’m amazed how good the house looks.

All is well… no resolutions needed, well maybe hire a housekeeper and spend more time in the saddle.

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