We can put this in Finn’s book as another interesting adventure. Finn is not even 5 yrs old yet and he has had some pretty bizarre things happen in his life already – perhaps an autobiography is in our near future, just like Justin Beiber did at 16?!?

Ahh Finn, you are so entertaining…..

Can I hold that for you??? Finn holding the whip he picked up off the mounting block…… What else could he pick up?!

Recently, owner/breeder Heather was tacking Finn up to ride.  Finn was tacked up and having the girth tightened before mounting at the mounting block.   One glove on, and the other glove? ….??   The left glove is where?  You know that moment when you are sure you had both gloves yet one is missing, you check all your pockets (of all the jackets you are wearing), then proceed to walk back to the grooming area thinking you dropped it.  No glove.  Go back out to the mounting block and come across fellow horse owner who has their new dog – did your dog pick up my glove – nope, no glove.  Continuing the search we all have that feeling we are losing our minds and why can’t we keep our dam gloves together?!

Having a friend hold Finn, Heather goes to get ANOTHER pair of gloves, the right glove is still missing.  Off to ride, Finn goes like his usual self however it is unusual he is not as supple to the left.   Home after riding, Heather is removing the bridle and POP!  Finn spits out the glove.

Yes, he had been holding on to it the whole time.  Could we see it? No.  Did he chew it? Yes, and sucked on it and completely saturated it with horse spit.  All I can say is thank goodness he didn’t swallow it!  Can you imagine the colic surgeon saying “yes, we found the reason for the block” and pulls out a ratty glove.

We can add that to Finn’s autobiography along with him falling/sitting down episode at this first show and his audition for X Factor.


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