Over the course of their HJU experience, bloggers Amy Vodraska and Stefanie Bates have become good friends, sharing with each other riding experiences, jokes, and generally what goes on in their worlds.  Both Amy and Stefanie have mares, and it’s no surprise to the ladies that their “girls” have become friends as well. 

Amy’s Sainted Mare, Sugar, and Stefanie’s buckskin beauty Sandie have been corresponding via their moms and the interwebz.  We thought you might enjoy a little taste of their correspondence.

Hi Sandie! Whatcha up to?

Dear Sandie,

How are you?  How were your holidays?  Was Santa good to you?  The Fat Man (Santa, not my Mom’s cat Dreidel) was very good to me, as he should have been, since I am always a good girl.  They don’t call me the Sainted Mare for nothing.  I got carrots and apples and mints and Paddock Cakes. Yummy! Oh yeah, a saddle pad and some new blankets.  I hate getting clothes. You?

Are you enjoying the winter?  I’m okay with the weather, but not with wearing all these blankets.  Mom thinks it’s funny and says I’m wearing a snowsuit, but really, all these layers make it hard to scratch an itch, you know?  Man, what I wouldn’t do for opposable thumbs.

Mom whines about the cold a lot.  She tells me to stop complaining because she wears layers too, but she gets to take hers off.  You should see her.  When she gets here she’s all bundled up and by the time she’s done brushing me she’s pink-faced, starting to sweat, and down to her vest.  Then we start riding, and about 5 minutes into it she takes the vest off.  Another 10 minutes and the sweater comes off.  10 minutes after that she’s red-faced and sweating and down to a t-shirt.  I don’t know why.  It doesn’t seem to me like she’s working all that hard.  I’m the one carrying her around.

I don’t think I’d like to go to Florida like some of the others in the barn, though.  I hate the heat, and really, Mom might get red-faced in the winter, but she gets positively fuchsia in the heat!  That can’t be good for humans, to turn color like that. Frankly, it worries me sometimes.

The other big thing is that my pony BFF, Cookie, went home right before Christmas, which makes me sad.  I miss her.  Nothing bad happened, just my Mom’s second foal, Sophie, kept growing, like foals do, and got too big for Cookie.  So she’s back home in New Hampshire.  My Mom’s foals are now riding a new horse, a Thoroughbred gelding named James.  He’s okay, I guess.  He goes out with me now, like Cookie used to.  I’m not crazed about the new arrangement.  Cookie and I knew how to respect each other’s space.  James doesn’t get it.  He always has to come over and see what I am eating or drinking, or looking at.  And if my Mom or the foals come out to say hi to me or give me treats, well, he has to be involved as well.  You know men, they’re so needy.

Anyway, I’d better get going.  They just threw hay and I need a little snack before Mom’s lesson tonight.

Write back soon!


Sugar, aka the Sainted Mare