Over the course of their HJU experience, bloggers Amy Vodraska and Stefanie Bates have become good friends, sharing with each other riding experiences, jokes, and generally what goes on in their worlds.  Both Amy and Stefanie have mares, and it’s no surprise to the ladies that their “girls” have become friends as well. 

Amy’s Sainted Mare, Sugar, and Stefanie’s buckskin beauty Sandie have been corresponding via their moms and the interwebz.  We thought you might enjoy a little taste of their correspondence. You will find Sug’s letter to Sandie here. Here’s Sandie’s reply.

Staring at the box mom talks to...strange.  Look at mom and my boyfriend's dad's blankets, HA so funny!

Staring at the box mom talks to…strange. Look at mom and my boyfriend’s dad’s blankets, HA so funny!

Dear Sugar,

So glad my mom is FINALLY getting around to letting me write you back… I swear, as nice as my hooves are sometimes I wish I could operate a keyboard more efficiently!

Mom’s been coughing and blowing for like a week now and she’s become pretty darn whiny about it too.  I just wanna be like “Oh COME ON mom, if I can poop while running, then surely you can sit up on my back without hacking up a lung while I cart you around the arena for 30 minutes” Geez!  Ugh, what would our 2-legged parents do without us?

So glad your mom and her foals have been treating you well… I mean, except for all the layers.  I will never understand that whole thing… Umm last I checked, that’s why we were born with fur!  I spent all this time and energy growing in a nice fluffy layer like I do every winter, and mom paid the guy who runs our barn to SHAVE IT ALL OFF!  What the #&*%?!  So I went ahead and grew another back in for her, to save her the trouble and all she did was complain about it to everyone at the barn and then proceed to stick me in layers anyway UGH!

My boyfriend, another Buckskin at the barn, is so lucky, HIS mom let him keep his furry coat, and I think it looks fabulous… although that brings me to another thing I was gonna tell ya.  So my mom got this blanket for herself and it has a picture of a funny looking cartoon horse on it, and she got one for my boyfriend’s mom too, and then they made us both stand there and stare at that box she talks to people that aren’t there on, while another horse’s dad held it.  No idea what that was all about… Our parents do the strangest things sometimes.  They were having the other horse’s dad make kissy noises and bang on the wall and call our names while they stood there and smiled at the box…weird…does your mom ever do that to you?

Anyway, so sorry your pal Cookie left, I know you two were BFF’s like us!  But oh, a new gelding?  Is he cute?  How tall is he?  What size are his shoes?!  You know what they say about a gelding’s shoes right?!  I hope he’s tall, bay, and handsome!

And awww your mom’s foals are growing, how cute!  When are they gonna wean them though?  Geesh, seems like they take FOREVER to wean them, seems kinda silly.  My mom doesn’t have any foals, she says she and my dad are too busy all the time… oh well, maybe someday she’ll be bred!  Until then I’ll just keep enjoying everyone else’s foals and all the peppermint treats they feed to me!

Well I’m off for my daily romp through the mud in the paddock now… mom keeps cleaning off all the mud I worked so hard to put on my outer layer.  So I need to try harder today I guess, maybe then she will leave it there.  I really ought to learn how to rip holes in it like some of the others, that always seems to work… Any suggestions?

Take care Sug,