Do we need a caption? - photo by Keara

Booo winter – photo by Keara

Every once in a great while a New Year inspires an insane desire to make a huge change in my life, I’m talking a life altering change not just the usual resolutions to lose weight, get in shape, ride more, be kind to others ya da ya da ya da…

2013 did not start out to be one of those inspired years. Of course I made a little list of resolutions and began breaking them shortly after midnight.

Then after a few weeks, one thing led to another and by the 21st of January I decided to start the year over with firm conviction to make a huge change in my life. I’m pretty sure the several days with well below zero Fahrenheit temperatures was the true cause for my light bulb moment.

For giggles and grins when things that no one can control are against my desire, I blame my husband. Somehow he is the cause of it being 30 below zero. It does not have to make sense, it’s just what I do. So I moaned and groaned and threaten divorce, then I sent his resume to all jobs listed in the warm locations I could find, like Ocala and Wellington.

My husband is a good-hearted man and takes most of this in stride; he would be very willing to relocate us to any place that offered him a job. But the man really overstepped himself the morning of January 21st, as I was complaining about the cold, he had the audacity to remind me of a very cold week two years ago…

As a gift to my barn owner, I used to take care of the barn for a week to 10 days every January, so her and her husband could have a vacation. Two years ago they went to Jamaica and the entire time they were gone the weather averaged 33 below zero (that’s Fahrenheit).

My husband was quick to point out how I never complained about the cold that entire week.

I took the week off of work to be the barn slave and never even thought about the weather. I pulled on my husband’s long johns, my Under Armor, his Carhart overalls, my winter boots, four pair of gloves, several hats and heavy coats. I waddled off to muck stalls, feed horses, chisel water buckets, put horses out and bring them in several times a day. I got nose icicles, my hair and skin cracked. Once I tripped over the cat, poured the water bucket I was hauling all over me when I fell and my pants froze to the ground before I could get up. I can’t recall ever being happier.

So on the morning of January 21 2013, as I pulled my warm truck out of the garage into the subzero temperatures to drive to my warm office, that I hate, to sit in a very expensive and comfortable chair at a desk for 8 hours of work, that I despise, where at least half of that time is spend reading, shopping, googling, chatting and dreaming of horsey things.  The annoying voice of my husband ringing in my head, reminding me how I never complain about the cold when I’m at the barn has inspired me to find a new career.

Somehow I have to combine my Business/Law major, Corporate Controller background and my love for horses and get out of the office… anyone want a 52 year young, hard working…

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