A horse junkie can't do this for ten days...

Are you kidding me? A horse junkie can’t be expected to do this for ten days…

As a mom, you are expected to be the number one fan of whatever your child is into. As they get older, you are expected to drop everything and take their call, to listen for extended periods of time about their day, their ups and downs.

You are not allowed any reciprocation; they do not now or ever wish to hear about your day, your ups and downs or heaven forbid you need them to “drop” anything for you. It will be weeks before they can be bothered to return a call from you.

My husband and I have a long standing joke that one of us will be dead a week maybe two before one child returns our call. We even practice the call, (voice mail) “Hi, this is your parent calling,  please give me a call when you have time.” Two weeks later she calls… “Oh Yeah, Dad died two weeks ago, Tuesday”

With this knowledge you need to understand horses are my thing and not the oldest child’s. Thank the stars above the youngest is a horse person, but this is more about the older child.

One time, a while ago, the older child during a phone call from college made a mockery attempt of asking me what I was “up to.” I mistakenly began to explain my week with my horse: some ups some downs,  there had been a major breakthrough and I was jumping for joy willing to share it with anyone that asked. The eldest child’s reply was a harsh explanation of her frustration and childlike jealousy over my “darn” horse… yeah, she needed money.

A few more years have gone by, the oldest child has grown up a bit, and I’ve learned not to speak about anything, especially my horses. She is now in a career and a relationship 400 miles away – actually, she is living in our original home town. She is getting married in a month and knowing that grandchildren are a possibility, I begin to yield to the desire to move back home. She started baiting me with “if you move here, I can get a horse and we can ride together.”  I’ve have begun shopping job websites for a compatible position and barn …

At the disappointment of family and friends, this child has chosen a destination wedding.  It’s her “dream” to spend 10 days celebrating with a small handful of family and friends on some tropical island.  Giving no mind to how hard it is for me to be horseless for 10 days, she chose to get married during prime training time for show season. Secretly this destination crap is a good thing… some of our family… is…cough cough, my mother, is C>R>A>Z>Y and better not in attendance so this weeds them out.

But for the love of Mike!!! What am I going to do for 10 days on some island?  Yeah, beach for five minutes, then what?  I asked if can I fly in the morning of the wedding and out the next day, but was rejected.

My son, the blessed other horse junkie in the family, equally annoyed about this trip, called to tell me he heard there is an Andalusian Breeding farm near the resort and wondered if he and I could possible go on a tour. So while searching for that, I found a Polo club that gives lessons, hmmm…

Yep! I’m having a Polo lesson on Wednesday.

The Polo club then gave me the information to an Equestrian center that offers training in traditional Spanish riding and Dressage. I scheduled a lesson and a trail ride for Friday.

Wahooo, my vacation is panning out nicely.

Yesterday, I received an email from the Equestrian center, they are hosting a dressage clinic the week I’m there and I was invited to ride in the clinic using one of their Andalusians. My dream just came true.

But my ride time is the morning of the wedding.

da Bride ain’t gonna be happy ~ man, but mommy is going on island time… I took the slot.