Alright mom, let me tell you how this is going to go...

Alright mom, let me tell you how this is going to go…

Over the course of their HJU experience, bloggers Amy Vodraska and Stefanie Bates have become good friends, sharing with each other riding experiences, jokes, and generally what goes on in their worlds.  Both Amy and Stefanie have mares, and it’s no surprise to the ladies that their “girls” have become friends as well. 

Amy’s Sainted Mare, Sugar, and Stefanie’s buckskin beauty Sandie have been corresponding via their moms and the interwebz.  We thought you might enjoy a little taste of their correspondence. You will find Sugar’s last letter to Sandie here. Here’s Sandie’s reply:

Dear Sugar,

Well first of all I’d like to extend birthday wishes to you!  Sorry your mom made you wear that crazy hat AND made you work (geez, double whammy!) but at least, that donut sounds promising!

So for today’s letter, I would like to focus on something very near and dear to my heart…. JUMPING.  It’s no surprise that I thoroughly enjoy it, I mean who WOULDN’T?!  An excuse to run and kick your feet up?  I THINK SO thankyouverymuch!  But once again, humans tend to seriously confuse me sometimes when it comes to jumping.

Take, for instance, our jumping lesson last week… mom carried on for what seemed like FOREVER getting me to slow down and work on my glutes, but then once I did she was making me hold them in and then PUSHED me forward as fast as I could go!  What THAT was about I have no idea, but I do know that whenever I stopped clenching my butt to take a break she slowed me down and we started all over again, so maybe she WANTS me to slow down? But then why does she PUSH me forward right after that??  UGH I will never get it…

So anyway, after all that, we finally got to the good stuff, the JUMPING!  I try to contain myself but always seem to get a bit hyper when I’m jumping, but COME ON who can control themselves when you’re playing like that?? Anyhow, she really confused me this time…usually, she’s all GO GO GO and it’s a lot of fun!  And when we take that final jump I just slooooowly come back down until we come to a stop.  But OH NO, that’s not exactly what she and that guy who is always barking orders at her had in mind THIS week!

The first jump was great, and so was the second, but then it happened…mom sat down and HAULED on my mouth after the second jump after that guy yelled something at her and MADE me stop abruptly!  What the hay?!  I mean, what IS that?  GO STOP GO STOP GO STOP Make up your MIND!!!!!  Ugh, humans…sometimes I wish you could come visit Sug, maybe you could train her how to ride the way I’d like her to.  Here’s a video, Dad didn’t even do anything to help either, he just stood by and recorded the torture!


Do you have any ideas about why they do that and how to make them stop Sug?  Hmmm…maybe I should ask Murray.