Haajes and I

Haajes and I

I have a fairly long commute in the mornings, and I like to pass the time by cranking the tunes on the local country station. One of my favorite songs, which, thankfully, is not overplayed ad infinitum, is Eli Young Band’s “Keep on Dreaming.”

It’s definitely a volume-to-11, sing-at-the-top-of-your-lungs, possibly-cry-a-little type of thing for me. Something about it manages to embody that incredible, all-consuming passion that comes with having a lifelong dream.

I don’t think the readers of Horse Junkies United need to ask what my dream is, and I’m pretty sure I can have a guess at yours, too! We might all have slightly different end goals, but that dream of perfect unity and a seamless partnership with a horse is the cornerstone of it all.

I’m revamping my short-term goals this year and taking a good, long look at my long-term goals, too, all while conceding to the very real chance that they may not happen. I’m definitely willing to risk it… the journey is more than worth it.

Something that adds fuel to the fire is watching some of the top pros jump their rounds. Their dedication, determination and sacrifice are all evident. This sport consumes so much, and I can’t remember which rider said it, but in one interview I heard them talk about the “incredibly high highs and incredibly devastating lows.”

I see the highs every day in magazine articles, on HJU competition recaps, and on television, and sometimes I can get a hint of the lows too, when I read about a horse’s untimely passing or career-ending injury. The kind of commitment that these riders must show is something else – it’s a whole different realm of being devoted to something. I’m sure that the top riders out there feel a resonance with the lyrics “Keep on dreaming even if it breaks your heart.” Maybe the riders who never quite made it to the top feel it resonate even more.

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