Can I hold that for you??? Finn holding the whip he picked up off the mounting block...... What else could he pick up?!

Can I hold that for you??? Finn holding the whip he picked up off the mounting block…… What else could he pick up?!

I was asking my sister in-law if she could give me a few of her smallest diapers and since my kids are 7 and 11, she was quite perplexed as to why I needed 5 diapers.  This got me thinking of all the other funny, unusual, non-horsey things that almost every rider has at the barn.

1. Diapers – the small ones are great for your first aid kit, use them for poulticing and once used it to staunch a MAJOR gushing with blood wound.  Even the vet said “good idea.”  They wrap great, you can cut them into the right size, super absorbent and have a nice plastic cover to keep everything inside.

2. Diaper rash cream – keeping with the diaper topic – good for rubs, drying scratches and mud fever but keep it off you tack! It sticks to leather like crazy and dries it out.

3. Baby wipes – I love these for horse shows.  Quick wipe of your hands, or horse face.  When I have a horse with a snotty nose, they are nice for cleaning and then toss in the garbage.

4. Vitamine E cream – for those hairless spots that need moisture for regrowth

5. Antibiotic and anti-fungal creams

6. Band Aids – for the rider or the large elbow and knee ones for hock rubs.  They don’t stay on for long, but if you just cant get the hair to start growing back, then this works when they get up the bandaid rubs off not the scab.  I find the fabric ones stick the best.

7.  Almond oil or baby oil – for a “hot oil” treatment like the old VO5 ads.  I do this after clipping or soak the tail.  A bucket of warm water with a good squirt of oil and slather it on.

8. Vaseline – bit rubs or other

9. Dandruff Shampoo – I like Nizerol.  For fungal skin irritations like the scummy stuff on the shins or face.  My pharmacist friend gave me this idea when I gave her the list of ingredients for a scrub the vet gave me that I had run out of and they didn’t have anymore.  Works great but if problem is persistent you might need something from the vet.

10. Duct tape – ok, everyone has duct tape.

The other bloggers had these suggestions:

– I have an exfoliating shower glove – it works great for cleaning bridles and small places on tack where only your finger fits. Holds the saddle soap in its fibers perfectly! (Carrie Houts)

– Martini shaker, crockpot, egg timer, nylon BBQ brush, pastry bag (Cheryl Figures)

– I keep maxi pads for bandaging and hoof poultices (Sarah)

– Bras – in case of fire to cover our horses eyes!! (Geri)

I am sure there are other bizarre and unusual items which I say to my husband “Don’t take that out of the truck, it’s going to the barn.”

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