Come play with us!

We’re really close….

It’s a small world after all…   It seems the older you get the more true this sentiment becomes, especially in the world of horses.

I recently had that revelation again.  When I first moved Festin to our barn,  I discovered that my barn owner rode at some of the barns I grew up taking lessons at and knew of some of the horses I rode.  I guess this shouldn’t exactly have surprised me because there were limited lesson farms area but it still seemed like a coincidence.  Since moving in I sometimes feel like the horse world is all interconnected like one of those real time flight tracker maps.  Six degrees of Kevin Bacon?  More like two degrees of a horse junkie!

I was thumbing through old photos a while back and found a few that I set aside to take to the barn.  Our barn owner is redecorating our viewing room and everyone was asked to bring  pictures of our horses and previous horses for one of the walls.  I found one from my first horse show I thought was kind of fun and included that in my pile.

The backstory was kind of cool too… I took lessons at a local barn (from someone it turns out is a close friend of my barn owner) and my first horse show was at the local 4H field.  The horse I usually rode in my lessons became unavailable at the last minute so a suitable replacement was brought for me.  Enter Brassy, a big red Saddlebred that I met just minutes before my first show and rode western in the walk/trot class.  Well, as I am showing off my pictures at the barn, it becomes clear that the horse I rode in my first ever horse show belonged to my barn owner’s sister. :Cue the music: It’s a small world after all…It’s a small world after all…it’s a small world after all…It’s a small, small world!

Since moving to my barn, I have reconnected with people I haven’t seen in years, mostly through chance encounters and mutual friends I had no idea were mutual friends.  The point of all this??  The world is a tiny place that closes in on you the older you get.  Add in a niche sport like horseback riding and we are all bumping shoulders in a teeny tiny room where everyone knows everyone.  Watch your words, support your friends, and help make our sport more enjoyable for everyone.

Do you have a “small world” story?

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