A Rider's Mantra.

A Rider’s Mantra.

The past five months have been crazy ones for me and as a result, blogging has been on the back burner. It happens sometimes, when life gets in the way of riding. While I know that it is my life and my work that allow me the privilege of having a horse, I often forget that – mainly because it is my riding that keeps me sane enough to deal with work and life in general. Can you see the dilemma here?

Back in November, I was enjoying the afterglow of a really nice spring, summer and fall with Timmy. Working with our new dressage trainer since May, I was seeing results and finding that I indeed had developed new skills. Aside from 1 silly aberrant show where Timmy was out of sorts, the season had gone well and he placed in the ribbons each time. He had learned a lot and with winter coming, things would slow down for both of us. Little did I know how much!

Sadly, just before Thanksgiving my trainer’s husband passed away. It was understandably a difficult time for her and lessons went by the wayside for a month or more. First batch of lemons.  I rode but the weather was less than cooperative, so I rode less frequently. Right after Christmas, we had our first lesson in about a month and it went fine. Two weeks later, my trainer broke her collarbone (not horse-related). She was out of pocket another 8 weeks or so, unable to drive or do much. Second batch of lemons.  I decided with winter upon us, this was a good time for Timmy to just “be a horse” for a while and cut back on work. I let his mane and whiskers grow out. His legs got hairy and he looked like a Clydesdale with so many “feathers” around his feet. He was living large and I didn’t care. The weather was cold, rainy and sometimes snowy and the mud was something else. Each time we had a nice day, I would think spring finally arrived—then the disappointment would come.

We finally got back to lessons a few weeks ago and I was thrilled. Our first one wasn’t pretty. Timmy was unfocused and a bit squirrelly and I was in dire need of a tune up! Things sure can go downhill in a few months. Our second lesson turned out to be the best one yet. All of a sudden, Timmy decided to show up and be present! He hadn’t been ridden all week because of my schedule, yet he got out and gave it 110%! This has to be the greatest sport in the world! When things go right, it’s just so darn exciting!! The next lesson was the same. I am on Cloud 9, seeing a very thrilling 2013 season ahead of us.

Now for that next batch of lemons! About a month ago, while bringing the horses in for the night, I smashed my knuckle on the gate post. It swelled and turned a lovely shade of crimson, but I figured the bruise would heal. Well it never felt quite right and is still swollen, so I had my doctor look at it. He found I ruptured the saggital band that holds the tendon in place as it glides over the knuckle. This explained why the tendon appeared to move to the right when I made a fist. The fix?? SURGERY!!! Looks like spring riding and those very productive lessons will be on hold until this latest batch of lemonade is gone!! I don’t know yet what the recovery time is (a/k/a–when I can ride again) but I am already trying to picture how I can hold the reins with my middle finger in a cast/splint, sticking straight out (at some point, this COULD come in handy though).

My Dad used to say “this too, shall pass” and I know he was right. In the scheme of things, this will be a blip on the radar. Others have gone through MUCH worse and best of all TIMMY IS FINE! We will survive to ride another day and will have the whole summer to enjoy.

Hopefully we have seen our last glass of lemonade for a while and will be back to work soon. We horse people are a tough lot and nothing can stop us from doing what we love the most. So until then, kick on and look for more about our good work this summer. We will be back soon!

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