Dressage Trail Class

Necessary items for Dressage Trail Class

What the heck is Dressage Trail?  It’s a little trail class for dressage horses.

Well, I wish I could say that we made it up but we didn’t!  We took the idea from the Rising Stars Youth Dressage Show in Chilliwack, BC.  The Rising Stars Show is a show for Juniors only.

There is something for everyone – a Gold show, a Bronze show, hack classes, fun classes.  Just right for junior dressage riders to have a great weekend in a fun atmosphere.  We liked the idea so much we used it in our season opening dressage show in BC – the Southlands Spring Dressage Show.

So what is it?

Pretty much anything you might find in a trail class but for us dressage-y folk.  Nothing crazy like having to open a gate beside a chicken coop, or walking over a tarp. But it could be something like the egg and spoon (which was much too easy last year) or having to throw a rubber duckie into a bucket.

Check it out here.

The rules are simple….. get around the course and have a good time.  Official rules are posted here.


Dressage Trail was part of our mission to bring the fun back to Dressage Shows.  We have a great sponsor this year, Nexus Investment Corporation, and we will have some amazing prizes for a class that is FREE!!!  But the class is PRICELESS!  Whether you enter or you watch (heckling, laughing and clapping required) it is the most talked about event of the show.  Hope to see you there!!!

Join us for a giggle!

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