Good boy!

Good boy Harvey!

The Blue Chip Championships have left me feeling absolutely drained with many highs and lows this week. My horse Harvey jumped amazingly – although his rider could use some lessons!

On the first day, my mischievous horse decided to dig up the grass in his temporary stable and make a mud pit fit for a pig right before our class.

My boyfriend, at his first show, couldn’t understand why I couldn’t compete a muddy horse but obliged me and helped me clean him up. Luckily he’s also very good at giving a leg up and helping me keep my nerves in check.

On the third day, Harvey untied himself whilst I was tacking him up for our class and went for a solitary jaunt around the stables. When I caught him he looked at me as if to say “What? I was just getting you warmed up!”

We had quite a few good rounds over the three days and ended up qualifying for the final. I really owe it all to my trainer, Johnathan, who has helped me set realistic goals in competition. We were competing in the 1 metre class, the smallest one, and although we are capable of bigger jumps, the success of this week has really boosted my confidence.

Some people say that a good week long show is the equivalent to a month’s worth of lessons. I tend to agree, only because the lessons you learn at a competition (ie the silly mistakes you make) can be so traumatic that they stick with you.

In the final, I made a silly turn to a double and had ‘b’ down. I rode the rest of the course beautifully and my horse jumped incredibly. I really let everyone down with that pilot error and the embarrassment and disappointment will haunt me for years to come. On the bright side, I will never cut the corner to a double again. Lesson learned – now onto the next show!

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