My right foot's prison for the next 2 weeks...blech

My right foot’s prison for the next 2 weeks…blech

Well as Amy pointed out in her recent post Ouch! A Slightly Different Approach to Helmet Safety, lately a couple of us have been unlucky enough to be injured by…believe it or not…NON horsey related events.

For her, although she wasn’t anywhere NEAR a horse, her injury was helmet-related (ironic, yes, go read her blog to see the details!) For me, not only was I nowhere near a horse OR the barn, but I wasn’t even injured by a horsey-related item at all.  Nope, it was the drain in my shower.  Let me explain…

So apparently I am no longer a young 33-year old athletic gal.  No, I am a frail 80-year old who slipped and fell getting into the shower (and now I understand why people have those little mats in the bottom of the bathtub!)

To add insult to injury (quite literally), when I slipped I grabbed for something to stop my fall but instead knocked all the shampoo bottles off the shelves, somehow tossing one of them behind me and ending up with a scrape down my back from the sharp edge of the tube, banged my head on the back of the tub (dangit, apparently I have to bring my helmet home to wear in the shower now), AND then jammed the inside arch of my foot against the metal drain plug.  Super.

So who do I consult with?  My doc?  The ER?  Nope, my nurse friends AND my fellow Horse Junkies 😉  And the consensus was…well…go see a doc!  So, fast forward to the next day. Apparently, I strained a tendon/muscle and have been condemned to a BOOT for the next 2 weeks. So what’s the first thing I start thinking of?  How can I figure out how to ride my horse with this thing on!  (*Disclaimer:  No, I do NOT recommend you going against your doc’s orders, seriously don’t follow my lead here, I do silly things all the time…I jump non-moving obstacles in the woods on a 1,000-lb animal, who has a mind of her own after all) 😉

Resting my foot with my barn pal after my sans stirrups ride!

Resting my foot with my barn pal after my sans stirrups ride!

That said, I decided that if the issue was not flexing/moving my foot/ankle area, then stirrupless it would be!  So last night, I went to the barn, removed the dreaded boot, limped over to the mounting block (cue “lameness” comments from my friends!) and rode my girl bareback…and had a fabulous ride (although I actually had to consciously think about NOT flexing my toes up/heel down on my right foot!)

Then I decided HEY, if I can do this, there’s no reason I can’t keep going with my lessons and just do it sans stirrups!  After all, I have a Jumper show coming up in a few weeks and need my practice.  So there will be a whole lot of walk/trot/cantering and even jumping without stirrups.  If nothing else, I’ll have some killer legs and abs by the end of the 2 weeks!

Now, to figure out how to replace my daily walk/jog with something else that doesn’t involve hobbling around in this darn boot…any ideas?!

What injuries have YOU had that you found a way around to get your barn time in? 😉

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