Cheryl and Kahlua

Cheryl and Kahlua

Have you ever had the judge ring the bell, call you over and tell you your horse was lame and you reply ‘No he’s just faking… give him a minute, he’ll be fine.

This does not go well; I received a lecture and was sent out of the arena. As we exited the ring, the lying monster displayed, without me asking, a huge, beautiful, and perfect!!! trot. I know the judge was seething, I’m sure she was thinking I was being a smart-ass. To this day, I’m careful not to go to a show where she is judging.

Twister, my Spanish Norman use to hobble around like his whole leg was about to fall off any time he did not feel like working – which was every time…. But then suddenly, he would have moves like a ninja when he saw food. One minute he could hardly move, he was in so much pain, the next, he’d be hopping over the 5 ft. paddock fence to break into the grain room.

As a responsible horse owner I’d call the vet, completely hysterical: “Something is wrong with Twister! It’s hard to explain but he’s dying… come quickly!

The money I spent on emergency calls… The Vet would show up, check him out and not one flinch, missed step or head bob. I think she would have dropped me as a client if it wasn’t for the fact that I alone probably paid for her two-month vacation in Africa. Oh and while she was gone, Twister really did have a problem. He got bit by a snake and his knee ballooned up to the size of a basketball.

I just discovered the new mare has this same talent; I’ve been battling the right lead for what seems like forever. Vet checks, chiropractors, massage therapists, trainer after trainer, sit this way… put your leg this way… try to start the canter two strides before a ground pole… on and on and on …

I GIVE UP!!!! She will always be a left-only horse, who cares…

The next show I attended after giving up, was a very good schooling show. Before our rides, the judge sat with us and talked through each test. I warned her: “For some reason, my horse is unable to canter to her right“. The mare came out and made a liar out of me. She cantered to the right just fine scoring 9’s.  Grrrrrr…

When I first laid eyes on her running free in the pasture, she was showing a natural and beautiful extended trot. I bring her home, four years of work and we have this “choppy, little short step, internal organ jarring, not really sure it’s called a trot” thing going on. More vet checks, chiropractors, massage therapists.

It’s got to be me. More new trainers, sit this way, try a new saddle on and on and I have never seen that wonderful trot since that first time.

Until last night …

The usually well mannered, super quiet and sweet horse decided to have a bat s#%t crazy time on the lunge line last night. Galloping like a race horse around and around and around, bucking, farting, head in the air… C R A Z Y!!!….. I got dizzy and was afraid she was going to barrel roll across the arena when all of a sudden she tucked her head and collected herself into the most perfect, buoyant, smooth extended trot I ever saw.

Of course, there were no witnesses.

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