Well hello there! photo by Justine Griffin

We’re so useful! ~ photo by Justine Griffin

As a parent, one concern is raising the child to be a productive, responsible, respectful and a meaningful adult.

We’ve heard countless romantic, poetic, heartfelt stories on how horsey X was the main contributor to the “great person” child has become; and I am no exception. I truly believe horses made my son the great man he is today.

Recently I realized I too have learned some very valuable lessons from my horses that are useful in the other world, you know…. the non-horse side of life we sometimes have to go to.


All good things come to those who wait. My horse has taught me the art of creatively waiting.

The last time I was on time for my doctor’s appointment, the receptionist said: “It will be a while, the doctor is running late.“, I said no problem, as I paced back in forth in front of her glassed stall.  It didn’t take long for her to decide to reschedule me for a “better time.”


Although it draws strange looks, clicking and flipping an imaginary lead rope at those ladies who decide to have a tea party in the middle of the pasta aisle at the grocery store making it impossible for anyone to shop,  is very effective. One look at you doing this they move on, FAST!  An added bonus is they tend to make a real effort to avoid you throughout the rest of the shopping trip.

While having a heated discussion with the over-inflated boss about the extra time you want off for a horse show, backing him up until his head drops in a relaxed position is very effective in getting even a few more days off than originally requested.


You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink; and you can’t use a lunge whip on your staff or children.  Because I deal with a pig-headed, stubborn mare that needs to be creatively convinced that what we are doing is what she wanted to do, I find these same tactics work wonders on my staff and kids. I firm up, pin my ears back and explain the needed end results. When all else fails, treats get them every time.

First aid

Recently while vacationing down in the islands, my husband slipped on a rock in the ocean and scrapped the crap out of his leg. Three panty liners, vet wrap (oddly enough I just happened to have in my purse) and some duct tape had him all fixed up.

Has your horse taught you any useful skills?

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