You know, there was such an extravagance of information shared over the course of the George H. Morris Gladstone program last week, it was almost impossible to distill into the daily recaps I collated for you.  After all, I took 48 pages of notes. Holy #$!&!  That’s practically a book!!!

However, there were some key points George Morris made more than once, so I decided to put some of those into a more condensed format.  Consider these flashcards, if you will.  Feel free to print them up and hang ’em in your tack trunk, tack room, trailer, indoor – wherever you’d like to have the Master imparting his wisdom to you.

You’re welcome.

George Morris Acceptance

George Morris Schooling or Unschooling

 Distance George Morris

George Morris Dressage Is the Basis

Go Forward - George Morris

Inside leg to outside hand - George Morris

Perfect Practice Makes Perfect. George Morris

Leg to hand

George Morris Do Better

Push the horse into the bridle - George Morris

And here are just a few George-isms from the week that I found pointed, poignant, or downright hilarious.

Rub George Morris

George Morris Podium

Golf cart - George Morris

George Morris Second run

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