Power Play getting his boots on. -Photo by Keara

Power Play getting his boots on. -Photo by Keara

Although it seems like it was ages ago with all that has happened flood-wise in Calgary and the rest of Southern Alberta, I did promise something in my last post from the ‘Continental’ tournament…. do you remember what that was?? Footage from the warm-up ring! ¬†Since I know we have a large Reed Kessler and Eric Lamaze fan contingent, I thought that they would be good riders to try and catch, an luckily enough, they were both competing in the 1.50m Great-West Life Cup on Sunday, June 16th.

I always find it interesting watching top riders warm-up. What does their warm-ups consist of? How much do they jump? How long do they go for? Although these are just little snippets of their complete warm-ups, I hope that you can learn something from them! Also, if you ever find yourself at a bigger show, take a moment and wander over to the warm-up ring, I guarantee that you will be able to learn something.

First up, here is Reed Kessler on Mika. Although I only caught them just before they went into the arena, you can still see the progression of jumps, and how she incorporates flat work into the plan.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uI4SELLA82A]

Secondly, Lamaze stalkers rejoice, because here he is on one of his new mounts, Power Play. Luckily, he was a little later down the order, so I was able to catch more of what he was doing.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8c6zOrd1-fw]

Although different, both warm-up plans were quite similar in their progression and emphasis on lightness and control- critical elements over a tough course. Both warm-ups were also very effective, because Reed and Mika placed second, and Eric and Power Play came fifth! For more information about the class, you can find my full write-up here.

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