Power Play getting his boots on. -Photo by Keara

Power Play getting his boots on. -Photo by Keara

Although it seems like it was ages ago with all that has happened flood-wise in Calgary and the rest of Southern Alberta, I did promise something in my last post from the ‘Continental’ tournament…. do you remember what that was?? Footage from the warm-up ring!  Since I know we have a large Reed Kessler and Eric Lamaze fan contingent, I thought that they would be good riders to try and catch, an luckily enough, they were both competing in the 1.50m Great-West Life Cup on Sunday, June 16th.

I always find it interesting watching top riders warm-up. What does their warm-ups consist of? How much do they jump? How long do they go for? Although these are just little snippets of their complete warm-ups, I hope that you can learn something from them! Also, if you ever find yourself at a bigger show, take a moment and wander over to the warm-up ring, I guarantee that you will be able to learn something.

First up, here is Reed Kessler on Mika. Although I only caught them just before they went into the arena, you can still see the progression of jumps, and how she incorporates flat work into the plan.

Secondly, Lamaze stalkers rejoice, because here he is on one of his new mounts, Power Play. Luckily, he was a little later down the order, so I was able to catch more of what he was doing.

Although different, both warm-up plans were quite similar in their progression and emphasis on lightness and control- critical elements over a tough course. Both warm-ups were also very effective, because Reed and Mika placed second, and Eric and Power Play came fifth! For more information about the class, you can find my full write-up here.

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