Beach riding!  Photo by Patricia Nash

Beach riding! Photo by Patricia Nash

Everyone has a few things they would like to put on the list of “wish I could do that”.  I personally do not have a bucket list, because a list represents stuff that must be done and is more like a “chore list”.  But there are a few things I would like to do in my lifetime with regards to riding, so a bucket list it is.  Not the kind of bucket you kick when you pop off, but I guess more like a feed or water bucket.

Here is my Horsey Bucket List:

1. Go swimming with my horse. I have ridden in the streams but nothing that is deep enough to actually swim.

2. Ride at Dressage at Devon.

3. Ride in some competitions in Wellington, Florida. You know.. some of the big ones!

4. Ride in a competition in Europe so I can get a pic in front of a castle like Weisbaden or Addington.

5.  Herd some cattle

6. Live with my horse in my backyard

Some of these are within the realm of possibilities, some are not.  But hey, you never know!