Charlie Jayne and Chill R Z. -Photo by Keara

Charlie Jayne and Chill R Z. -Photo by Keara

One of the coolest things about Spruce Meadows is the ability to be close to many of the best riders in the sport. You can be sitting on a bench across from Kent, pass Beezie on a pathway, and bump into Ian watching a class. Of course, it isn’t good to always go after them for attention, but if you chose your moment, I have never come across anyone that won’t take a moment to say hi, or even take a photo with fans. As accredited media (go HJU!), I also have the ability to attend press conferences, and request interviews…. Hmm, ya… although I go to the press conferences, I still find myself a little too shy to speak up all that often, and requesting an interview sounds a bit terrifying. My comfort zone is behind my camera while the riders are focusing on jumping the course! I’ll get there one day, but I’m not going to promise when that day will be!

With that said, on the final Saturday of the Spruce Meadows Summer Series, I sucked it up and had a chat with Charlie Jayne. A very accomplished American rider, Charlie was the second alternate for the 2008 Olympic team (with Urbanus), and the traveling alternate for the 2012 Olympic team (with Chill R Z) – each time after impressive performances in the selection trials with quite young and inexperienced horses. Since London, Charlie has had great results in Wellington, was in the top 20 at the World Cup Final with Chill R Z, and most recently had a great Summer Series at Spruce Meadows.

In the interview, we talk about the horses he had at Spruce Meadows, look ahead to Rio 2016, and he gives us some tips on preparing for big classes and how to win those ultra competitive jump-offs.

Charlie Jayne at Spruce Meadows, July 13, 2013:

Isn’t he great? Although I was concerned that I forgot my piece of paper with my questions on it, once I got talking to him, it was easy to keep it going since he is so friendly and open. Also, he certainly has a sense of humour, and seems to be a super cool guy in general!

I’ll definitely be rooting for him and Chill R Z to be in Rio!

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