Oooooohhh . . . .

None of these injuries. . . .

We all understand the risk of riding horses and falling off, and many of us have fallen off at horse shows! Recently at a horse show, I was reminded of all the Horse Show Injuries that didn’t involve falling off!!

I not only gave myself a nasty bump on the head after walking into the top door of the trailer (ouch!), but then managed to clip my finger on the water latch and received a nice big blood blister.  Here are a few other things that have happened either to me or one of my buddies at a show.

I dropped the ramp on my foot and though it felt like I broke my toe. It went black and blue and the nail fell off a week later.

I have bumped my head numerous times on the corner of the top trailer doors – enough to remember but when you are short, you just don’t think about bumping your head!

Horse stepped on a friend’s foot when she was loading him, she could barely get her boot on and off during the show.

A friend’s horse knocked her in the face in the trailer – head to head – and she ended up with a black eye all weekend.

I got a piece of hay or thistle under my nail and the next day, it was so red and infected that I had to go to the emergency clinic to have it looked at.  They cut the nail down (major pain), gave me an antibiotic shot, pills and huge bandage.  I was told to keep it clean and dry for about a week.  Well, the monster bandage didn’t fit in my gloves and I couldn’t bend my finger.  So off it came, put a regular band-aid and some Polysporin, and  it was fine for riding!

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