What is it they say?  The best laid plans of mice and men… Yep, that’s it.  Back in April I started planning my horse show schedule.  We’re still working our way up the training pyramid and I was hoping to keep this a pretty easy, inexpensive, and successful year.  Looking at the local schooling show schedule, I was so excited to see that the equestrian center we had our first “away from home” show at last year is hosting a series of three this year.  Just like that, plans were made and Facebook statuses were updated.  I immediately decided that we would attend all 3 shows and laid out the goals for each of them.

First show: go, keep focused, and improve upon last year’s score.  Second show: improve on last show, add in training level tests. Third show: improve on all tests and add in one test sidesaddle.  Since they are doing a series, there is also a cumulative award for best average score at any level.  May as well shoot for that one too!

The spoils from our last show.  Hoping for a repeat performance!

The spoils from our last show. Hoping for a repeat performance!

Unfortunately, my time management skills have, well shall we say, sucked recently.   The list of things to do before our show is lengthy and time is fleeting.  I have waffled back and forth with my decision and decided to skip the July show and work steadily towards the next two.

Since skipping the July show, I have further revised my plans and spent time working on the things that held us back; namely, loading in the trailer in under an hour with no one getting assaulted by my horse.  We are now shooting for a mini event that is also offering combined training and dressage in August, the third show in the series we had hoped to compete in, our barn show in October, and a Will Faudree clinic our barn is hosting in November.  If Festin manages to stay level-headed, we may head back to the mini event in October and try our hand at the combined training too.  I am hoping to have my new Southern Stars dressage saddle by the September show, until then I will be riding dressage in my jumping saddle and a navy blue Ecogold WitherCare all purpose pad.  Good thing they are schooling shows!

The look we will be rocking at our next dressage show...can't wait for the new saddle to get here!

The look we will be rocking at our next dressage show…can’t wait for the new saddle to get here!

Ok, so there it is written on the internet…You can’t say things on the internet that aren’t true, right?? Guess it is time to get my butt in gear and be ready for our show season debut on August 25th!  On the plus side, my horse now walks on the trailer like it is his one and only job, so there is one less hurdle to overcome!

Comfy working sidesaddle at home...maybe we can do one test this year!

Comfy working sidesaddle at home…maybe we can do one test this year!

Here’s hoping that my next show post is one talking about new goals because our previous ones have been met!

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